Facility Managers Who Downloaded Cworks’ Maintenance Management Systems Win International Sweepstakes Contest

To highlight the successful conclusion of its ‘CWorks Aware’ global media campaign, CWorks Systems Berhad (Mesdaq: CWS 0079) today announced the winners of its ‘CWorks Aware’ SweepstakesCWorks Systems is a leading developer and provider of facility information software for facility managers and is used in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The first Grand Prize winner is Mr. Handi Ridwan, an IT Infrastructure Coordinator in PT Amoco Mitsui PTA Indonesia (PT AMI) in Jakarta, Indonesia who was awarded a trip to historical Leeds Castle, a 14th Century Castle located in Kent, England. The second Grand Prize winner is Mr. Gary Wood Cumbey, a production and technical manager from Calhoun, Georgia. As second Grand Prize winner, Mr. Cumbey will enjoy a vacation to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii and a pass to Kauai BackCountry Adventures, an eco-adventure touring company.

Both customers reacted with surprise upon hearing the news of their winning entry.

“As I was searching for facility management software on Google, CWorks CMMS(computerized maintenance management system) was at the top of the list. I downloaded the software so I could evaluate the system – I wasn’t keen on being a winner for this sweepstakes. I just did it for fun and I was quite shocked when they announced that I was the winner. Thanks to CWorks for this user-friendly CMMS and I definitely will recommend it,” said Mr. Ridwan.

Mr. Cumbey of Calhoun, Georgia also downloaded the free version. “Actually, when I downloaded the CWorks free version, I didn’t even notice there was a drawing for prizes, much less a vacation package being given away. I was just hunting for a good, fairly simple program that could help us “optimize our facility’s maintenance operation,” stated Mr. Cumbey.

The ‘CWorks Aware’ Campaign began in early November, 2007 with the filming of two infomercials of CWorks’ clients – Leeds Castle located in Kent, England and Kauai Backcountry Adventures located in Kauai, Hawaii. Filmed on location, the infomercials showed how a CMMS can streamline a facility’s operation and significantly reduce its operational costs. From November 2007 until July 2008, these infomercials were televised on BBC World in Australia, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. CWorks also combined these infomercials with free downloads of its maintenance management software over the internet to reach out to facility managers across the globe. Those who downloaded the software and registered their referrals were then eligible to enter the CWorks Aware Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to Leeds Castle or to Kauai Backcountry Adventures.

This global marketing strategy and ‘CWorks Aware’ campaign was an overwhelming success. Over the course of the campaign, facility managers around the world downloaded CWorks FREE software more than 150,000 times within 9 months. The CWorks Aware Sweepstakes attracted an average 300 downloads per day.

Thus, it was only fitting that this successful campaign end with CWorks rewarding two new customers with vacations to the picturesque settings of England and Hawaii where the campaign first began.

CWorks products are offered at www.cworks.com.my and CWorks FREE can be downloaded at no cost to the user.

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When You Need Training And Support For MS Office, You Need Look No Further Than Save On Support

MS Office is truly the industry standard for desktop computer software solutions. Whether you are writing a letter in Word, or keeping a budget in Excel, Office has you covered from top-to-bottom.

“This software package really does have it all,” said senior support consultant Lesley O’Donnell of Save On Support. “The numerous options it offers are not duplicated in any other program package on the market today.”

But, no matter which specific program you plan on using, you’re always going to need someone to offer support and guidance. This is where Save On Support would like to step in. Offering remote-access assistance, they greatly cut their consulting fees, enabling you to get the help you need at prices you and your company can easily afford.

Remote support is truly the next big thing in computer consulting,” commented O’Donnell. “Not only is it extremely cost-effective, it’s also very convenient as well, and that’s a combination you can’t overlook.”

To receive more information about Microsoft Office support and training options from Save On Support, please contact us at your earliest convenience, toll-free at (866) 762-3990, or e-mail us.

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Novosoft Today Released A New Version Of Their Flagship Product Handy Backup

Novosoft, an international software development and IT-consulting company, announced the release of the new Windows Vista-certified version of Handy Backup, award-winning data backup and disaster recovery software.

Handy Backup is the first product of Novosoft qualified for the Microsoft “Certified for Windows Vista” logo. After rigorous testing process, the utility has been proven to be fully compatible with all the premium features within Windows Vista and follow all policies required for the best performance.

“It was a great experience for us to collaborate with the Microsoft certification team and become associated with the most powerful operating system of today,” said Alexander Prichalov, head of Novosoft product department. “The logo will help customers differentiate our product in the market and further reinforce Handy Backup as the first choice in data backup software.”

The “Certified for Windows Vista” logo program was designed by Microsoft to make computing experience of Windows Vista users easier, safer and more reliable. Products that carry the logo have met explicit standards of reliability and quality, and are guaranteed to work perfectly with Windows Vista and Windows Vista-certified hardware.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is a complete, fully extensible backup solution for Windows-based computers and Windows Server-based enterprise networks. It lets you create run-once and scheduled backups of your computer data and store them to any local or offsite storage you like. Server edition of Handy Backup can also back up networked workstations data.

Unlike other PC backup software, Handy Backup provides users with an opportunity to receive a solution tailored for their own requirements. It features a unique plug-in-based architecture which allows selecting any combination of functions and paying for what you need only.

Prices of the software range from $39 for the base functionality up to $199 for a full-featured solution which includes support for one-click backing up MS Exchange Server, MS SQL, ODBC-compatible databases, Lotus Notes, as well as support for SFTP backup destinations and a disk imaging module. The enterprise backup edition of the program, Handy Backup Server, includes 5 licenses for remote workstations and costs $599.

To learn more about Handy Backup, please refer to the product website at http://www.handybackup.net

About Novosoft
Established in 1992, Novosoft creates and markets a wide range of software solutions for individual computer users and small- to medium-sized businesses. The company strives to use the most advanced technologies and deliver high quality and cost effective solutions ensuring customers satisfaction and trust. For more information, refer to the corporate website at http://www.novosoft-us.com

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Groundscope Ltd Announced A Strategic Alliance With Blue Star Infotech, A Leading Provider Of Travel Technology And Business Solutions

This alliance will leverage the strengths of both organisations and brings together GroundScope’s deep knowledge of the business travel domain and Blue Star Infotech’s strong capabilities in developing and supporting solutions for the travel industry.

The GroundScope service includes an online technology platform which allows clients to book cars and manages their bookings in 500+ cities worldwide. The system provides online payment facilities and detailed management information on client spend and service partner performance against an agreed SLA.

Blue Star Infotech has been engaged with GroundScope since 2006 and has assisted them in the design and development of the middleware switch that forms the core of GroundScope’s business offerings.

According to John McCallion, Joint Managing Director, GroundScope“IT is at the core of GroundScope’s service offering and Blue Star Infotech completely manages the development and day to day support of our IT. We have a partnering approach to developing the GroundScope technology and work closely with Blue Star Infotech to continuously improve our platform capability. Our highly professional and demanding client base from the Pharmaceutical, IT, Manufacturing, Telecom and Financial Services sectors requires us to deliver a very high quality of service to all our clients and we have been very impressed with Blue Star Infotech’s capabilities in project management, development and delivery to deadline of our technology. “

John Graham, Blue Star Infotech’s Travel & Hospitality Practice Head, said, “We are delighted to be associated with GroundScope and are confident that our core strengths in online technology and the travel domain will enable us to provide significant value-addition to GroundScope and further enhance our position as a leading solution provider to the travel industry.”

About GroundScope Ltd.
GroundScope is an independently owned business that specialises in ground transportation solutions for corporate clients. It provides ground travel management technology and fully managed service solutions in the UK and internationally to leading companies, saving them money and time.

GroundScope’s technology platform allows fast, efficient booking of ground transportation across the globe. Their solutions are run as fully managed outsourced services or as online booking platforms. GroundScope can also manage the client’s service partners to ensure that they deliver a reliable service as well as vetting the service partners to ensure that they have the correct insurances, licences and driver vetting in place to meet Health & Safety and CSR legislation.

About Blue Star Infotech
Part of the US$600M Blue Star Group, Blue Star Infotech enables organisations to realize their business goals – by enabling them to eliminate operational inefficiencies and internal constraints through innovative technology and business solutions.

Fusing Travel 2.0 with state-of-the-art technology and industry standards such as OTA and HTNG, Blue Star Infotech enables Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Hotels, OTAs, Destination Management companies to manage their sales and distribution more effectively and comprehensively. Its capabilities and services cover SOA-enablement, Travel 2.0 portals, Custom Applications, Dynamic Packaging, Connectivity to GDS and Suppliers, Integration, Internationalisation, Business Intelligence solutions and Legacy Migration.

Its customers include leading companies such as Costco Travels, Rajasthan Tourism, Virgin Holidays and Club ABC.

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Zimplit Enables You To Create Professional Websites, Without Being A Web Developer Or Hiring One

Zimplit.org has released Zimplit, an Open Source web-based content management system (CMS) that drastically changes the way people create and manage their websites. Unlike other CMS applications that require advanced technical skills, Zimplit enables you to create professional websites, without being a web developer or hiring one.

There are three main reasons that make Zimplit very different from available competitors.

First of all, editing your website is extremely easy, thanks to our “On-site” editor. When you use a normal CMS, you edit your website from the admin area, where you cannot see the real results of the webpage. With Zimplit, the user is on the website like an ordinary visitor, except that on every editable page, user has a small toolbar which makes possible creating pages, changing texts, adding pictures, galleries and videos.

Secondly, you can use any css/html template (design) you wish. Zimplit uses HTML pages as templates and this gives user an opportunity to use thousands of free templates or to choose thousands from design banks.

Thirdly, the installation of Zimplit is easy. Unlike other Content Management Systems, you do not need to install Zimplit. You just have to upload the software on your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) web server and it’s working.

Zimplit is flexible enough to be used by anyone who wants to build a website. Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to create websites because they believe that site creation and maintenance require a lot of knowledge and effort. With Zimplit, business people can create a professionally designed, multiple-page websites. Teachers can encourage their students to create personal websites and home users can create family websites in minutes.

Zimplit is currently in beta testing, with new functionality being added every day. Later this year, the software will include the ability to add HTML tables, forms, and online gadgets. In addition, Zimplit will provide a hosted version of its CMS, allowing users to run their websites from Zimplit’s web servers.

Zimplit is available without charge for home and business use. Business owners who wish to eliminate the online display of the Zimplit legal notices can get a lifetime Zimplit license for $49(US). For more information, or to sign up for an account, visithttp://www.zimplit.org.

About Zimplit:
Zimplit is the creation of Krabi & Mask, one of the oldest design agencies in Estonia. Since 1998, Krabi & Mask has been offering web solutions, print design, and digital media solutions for European businesses.

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Shelko Consulting Has Yet Another Option When Clients Need To Resolve An Issue

In the ever evolving world of software technology, innovations are happening at the speed of light. And at that speed come the need to stay on top of the business world to keep track with the changing needs of the consumer. And that is what Shelko Consulting, LLC is all about.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the premier accounting software solutions available on the market today. The newest version, 10.0, has a multitude of new features and upgrades from the last edition. There are also two editions you can choose from, which include Business Essentials and Advanced Management.

A comprehensive software, Microsoft Dynamics GP is organized in a series, which includes Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Project, Payroll and Manufacturing.

“When it comes to new software, Microsoft is truly an industry innovator,” said Aric Shelko, president of Shelko Consulting, LLC. “By providing support and training for Dynamics GP, our clients are reassured that we are offering help for the latest and greatest in customer relationship software. Shelko has yet another option when clients need to resolve an issue.”

For support and training information on this innovative software, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

About Shelko Consulting LLC
Shelko Consulting, LLC is a single source for business software expertise, offering software solutions, needs analysis, implementation, custom reports and training and support services to clients throughout the United States. Shelko Consulting, LLC has more than 15 years of experience in customizing and implementing accounting softwareand CRM software systems for companies in need of business optimization. Additional information is available at http://accounting-erp-software.shelko.com/microsoft-dynamics-gp/. Or, you can e-mail us or call toll-free at (800) 638-5213.

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