Celerant Technology – 10 Years in Business!

Celerant Technology, a Staten Island based retail software provider, is beginning its 10th year in business. Since the company’s inception in 1999, Celerant Technology has continued to grow to become a leader in the retail software industry.

“For the past decade, Celerant has grown both as software provider and as a company,” said Celerant Technology President and CEO, Ian Goldman. “We have successfully expanded our client base exponentially, which has in turn enabled us to expand our talented staff of developers and programmers, quality assurance testers, trainers, implementation managers, and support technicians. We are proud that we have become such a well recognized company in the industry and will continue to provide advanced technology and expert service, while maintaining the same level of customer-centricity that we’ve had for the past 10 years.”

The Celerant product, Command Retail, manages all areas of a retail business, from the point of sale on the front end, to inventory management, warehouse, distribution, allocation and advanced reporting on the back end. Celerant works with a variety of vertical markets and industries that sell hard and soft goods such as sporting goods, apparel, footwear, specialty/gifts, convenience, hardware, furniture, and also offers specific functionality for the firearms industry. “The Celerant system is written in Java and performs in real time, allowing it to run at multiple locations simultaneously, and offers an e-commerce functionality that is completely integrated, enabling all channels to communicate with the same, real-time database.” Celerant was ranked as the #1 Mid Sized Retail Software vendor and the #4 Overall Top Retail Software by the 2008 RIS Leaderboard.

“When Ian and I established Celerant in 1999, we had no idea what lied ahead for us in the future, but we knew that we were onto something,” said John Heiser, Celerant Technology CFO. “In these tough financial times, it is difficult not knowing which way the retail market or the economy will go, but we know that we have built our company on a strong foundation that has allowed us to be very successful over the past 10 years. From our beginnings as a small company in Staten Island, we knew that we would make our mark on the software industry and are certain that we will continue to stay on top for many years to come.”

Since starting out as a small Staten Island software provider in 1999, Celerant has created a niche for itself in the retail software market, offering a complete application for retailers. In addition to its main office in Staten Island, Celerant now also has satellite office in Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Celerant has over 450 clients with locations across the United States, Canada, and in parts of Europe and the Middle East.

About Celerant Technology
Celerant Command Retail is an advanced real-time management system, which manages all areas of multichannel retail including POS, inventory, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, E-Commerce, mail order, kiosk, datamining, and back-office, in a single, integrated system. Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform, allowing Celerant professionals to conduct cost-effective analysis and adaptation based on the individual needs of each retailer. The result is a better system that meets the needs of retail businesses and gives them the tools to take Command of their success. For more information regarding Celerant Technology, go to www.celerant.com. For information on the Command Retail product, visit www.commandretail.com.

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Intelligent web plug-in tracks customer intent in real-time and optimizes delivery of product offers from affiliate networks

EchoCurrent Software, Inc. today announced the availability of the Affiliate Product Optimizer™, a software service to enable web publishers to better optimize product and ad targeting f r o m affiliate networks. This product is free of charge and initially available for new or existing users of the Commission Junction® affiliate network.

Web publishers are increasingly relying on affiliate networks to source products and offers in support of their topic-based web sites, blogs, or online stores. Unlike Google AdSense®, which will automatically match ads to the content of each web page, sites which rely on affiliate networks have lacked the ability to do automated matching of customer interests to products, or have been forced to build custom solutions.

With the introduction of the Affiliate Product Optimizer™, publishers gain the ability to understand their visitors’ interests in real-time and display optimal, personalized product offers f r o m affiliate networks. By truly listening to website visitors’ words and actions, publishers can increase their revenues by showing their customers the most relevant products at just the right time.

The Affiliate Product Optimizer™ goes much further than standard search or page ads by building a unique profile of each web site visitor as they interact with the web site, a“Customer Echo”. The Echo is continually refined over the life of the user session. Rather than using static page content to match offers, the Customer Echo is used to select the most appropriate offers f r o m the affiliate network, specific to each visitor. This provides each visitor with a unique and optimized experience based on their personal browsing interests and exhibited site behaviors.

Initially released with support for the Commission Junction® network, and using the Commission Junction® Web Services, the Affiliate Product Optimizer™ easily plugs into a publisher’s website by adding a pre-generated piece of javascript to the page. In addition, plugins are available for  WordPress and the Joomla content management system, allowing this new capability to be easily added to these popular platforms without touching any code.

The Affiliate Product Optimizer is being initially released free of charge and operates in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Website publishers sign up at echocurrent.com, add the plugin to their web sites, and the EchoCurrentservers handle the rest. EchoCurrent provides tools and reports that make the publishers’ lives easy, tracking, for example, trends in the Customer Echoes, products of highest interest, and what web content is driving the most product click-throughs. With this valuable information, publishers optimize their site content to generate more revenue.

“Coming f r o m a background in business intelligence technology at the enterprise level, it was clear to me there was a big opportunity to make affiliate sites smarter” says Mike Ruggieri, founder and president of EchoCurrent Software, Inc. “By combining our Customer Intent Engine with the Commission Junction Web Services, we were able to build a powerful affiliate optimization widget that can drive higher revenues for site publishers while simultaneously improving the customer experience for all visitors.”

About EchoCurrent Software, Inc.
Founded in 2008, EchoCurrent Software is dedicated to delivering technology that makes web sites smarter. EchoCurrent has developed a proprietary Customer Intent Engine that can track user behavior in real-time, identifying patterns, capturing data, or reacting to events as they occur. The company has released its first product, the Affiliate Product Optimizer, which utilizes their Customer Intent Engine with affiliate network services to enable web publishers to make more effective use of their affiliate product catalogs and create higher value customer experiences. For more information, visit http://www.echocurrent.com.

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Insight Video Net, an automated media management software innovator and Mango DSP, a leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance devices announced today that the two companies form a strategic partnership

Insight Video Net, an automated media management software innovator and Mango DSP, a leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance devices announced today that the two companies have developed a strategic partnership. Mango DSP provides advanced networked video solutions for the CCTV, video surveillance, Homeland Security, and Defense markets and Insight Video Net delivers networked video software solutions that are embedded in the public safety market and have introductions into the casino, education and retail markets. Insight Video Net is recognized as experts in mobile video management and has designed some of the world’s leading mobile video solutions.

Insight Video Net will integrate the Mango DSP Raven X2 PC104+, an intelligent video server, into several products including the Central Management System (CMS), an automated media management software; ResoluteTM Interview Room, a software application that allows interview room footage to be wirelessly streamed to multiple locations simultaneously; and Mobile Management System (MMS) a mobile (in-car) video solution that wirelessly transmits video from vehicles to a central server location. The Raven-X2 104 has met the Cisco Technology Developer Program criteria for interoperability with the Cisco 3200 wireless video router and has been integrated to deliver surveillance solutions for the evolving market needs such as police cars and unmanned devices. The new solution is packaged in a rugged form factor, ensuring operational continuity in extreme surroundings.

“Insight Video Net chose the Raven-X2 104 because of its ability to deliver outstanding video performance under the harshest environmental conditions,” says Miles Cowan, Chief Technology Officer, Insight Video Net. “Our respective teams have been working very closely to assure we deliver a quality solution that meets both of our customer’s diverse needs.” Joel Moss, CEO, Mango DSP Inc., said “We are looking forward to partnering with Insight Video Net. Their proven expertise in mobile video management, public safety, and video security solutions combined with Mango DSP’s long leadership position in intelligent video processing is a formidable combination”

About Insight Video Net
With experience in networked digital video and data management, Insight Video Net has developed an effective system to manage video from fixed and mobile applications. They provide powerful management tools that make it easier to automatically store, manage and protect important video-video that can help protect people and property, fight crime and increase security. Public safety, school districts, casinos, and retailers nationwide count on Insight Video Net for powerful, easy-to-use software, reliable system integration and ongoing support. For more information about Insight Video Net, go to

About Mango DSP
Mango DSP is a developer and manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance devices. Mango’s encoder, DVR and IP Camera technology powers many of the OEM solutions sold by fortune 500 companies in the Homeland Security, Defense, Retail, Mobile and Transportation markets. Mango’s encoder, DVR cards and IP Cameras are powered by Mango IVS(tm) (Intelligent Video Server) Operating System. This patent pending technology combines state of the art H264 encoding with 3rd party analytics. For more information, visit

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DribbleWorld, a software development company specializing in software for the drinks industry, today launched the Professional Sales Toolbox

The Sales Toolbox, with 11 built-in drink calculators, was developed by a former wine and spirits sales professional. Unlike many of the beverage calculators available today, the Sales Toolbox is specifically designed for on and off premise trade professionals.

With one click, one can determine pour pricing and no charge goods of varying value and profit margin. The Sales Toolbox also includes the Entertainment Beverage Calculator. Designed for event planning, the Entertainment Beverage Calculator can be purchased separately.

Priced at 19.99 for the Sales Toolbox and 8.99 for the beverage calculator, DribbleWorld is determined to make the Sales Toolbox a new industry standard. Special pricing is available for volume sales.

Test users have all agreed, “This beverage application is completely different from what is currently available.” “Right now, when cost is so important, every sales team should have one”. The Sales Toolbox is designed to be used on the field; during a sales call. Load it to your laptop or desktop. Save, email, or text results. Mobile versions are in development.

Can one beverage application service all drink needs?
The wine bottle sizes are based on the Champagne and Burgundy regions. The sommelier can calculate pour pricing from magnums to a Nebuchadnezzar.

The spirits calculator uses 750ml, liter, and 1.75L. An attractive choice for retailers who hand-sell niche beverages and would like to assist customers.

The beer calculator can determine not just bottles of beer, but whether a keg is needed or not. The calculators are simple, beautiful and take advantage of the graphics that are now available.

Free Trials
DribbleWorld is offering free trial downloads for both products:

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