4PSA VoipNow 2 Helps Service Providers Deliver Hosted Unified Communications

Rack-Soft announced today the general availability of 4PSA VoipNow 2, a Unified Communications software system that integrates a powerful IP PBX, supporting voice, video, presence, and faxing with instant messaging capabilities. The new VoipNow 2 targets Internet Telephony service providers and web hosting providers that want to increase their revenues by offering value added unified communications services to their customers.

The new version comes with more than 100 new features and benefits from the 4Grid based architecture that boosts scalability by allowing service distribution across multiple servers.

“We released VoipNow 2 GA three years after the first release of the VoipNow solution. It is the result of a long development effort that has already been awarded by the great feedback received from our beta testers during the past two months. With the new VoipNow 2 features, service providers can deliver Unified Communications services on a mature platform, designed for the hosting market. VoipNow 2 offers unmatched functionality, manageability and scalability at an affordable price.”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, Rack-Soft’s CEO.

Besides the redesigned architecture, VoipNow 2 also adds full T.38 support, email to fax, conference management and scheduling, one interface management for multiple VoipNow servers, developer plug-ins support, LiveMonitor, FollowMe, setup wizards, and many other new features.

4PSA VoipNow 2 is a Unified Communications platform that enables Service Providers to offer highly sophisticated Unified Communications services to businesses and individuals. 4PSA VoipNow can be deployed on standalone Linux x86 servers or on virtualized environments based on VMware or Virtuozzo. The product is also available in a free version, limited to ten phone extensions. Prices for the commercial version start from 299USD.

About Rack-Soft
Rack-Soft develops innovative software for servers and Data Centers based on the 4Grid framework. The proprietary 4Grid technology offers the foundation for the next generation, cloud ready service delivery platforms that allow providers to deploy redundant, scalable and easy to manage SaaS infrastructures.

4PSA VoipNow is a complete Unified Communications solution that integrates voice, video, fax, and messaging with hosting services. 4PSA DNS Manager is a DNS control panel that consolidates DNS records in hosting infrastructures, delivering high availability, load balancing and automation. Rack-Soft provides a wide range of solutions for Parallels Plesk that protect servers against threats (viruses, spam, hacking), implement backup and disaster recovery, and simplify SaaS deployments.

Rack-Soft business philosophy is based on an ISO 9001 quality management system certified by TUV CERT. For more information, please visit www.4psa.com. If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please send an email to press AT 4psa.com. All products and company names herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Multifactor Secureauth For Remote Access Enables Enterprises To Become PCI Compliant Via Strong Authentication Of Their Remote Access Users

MultiFactor Corporation, an innovator in 2 factor authentication, web application security and VPN Authentication solutions today announced the availability of SecureAuth 4.9.5 for VPN Authentication, a secure access solution addressing specific PCI compliance requirements for large enterprises.

The PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) requires execution of various disciplines representing security standards, requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures for maintaining consistent data security on a global basis. PCI DSS requirement 8 and 8.5 state that users with computer access should be granted unique IDs and be authenticated accordingly. SecureAuth executes beyond the mandates of both requirements and addresses the concerns surrounding enterprise authentication for remote access users.

In conjunction with major VPN platforms, including Cisco ASA and Juniper SSLVPNs, MultiFactor SecureAuth is able to deliver a secure credential, mapped directly to the individual user. SecureAuth utilizes the enterprise’s already existing data store shared by the Juniper or Cisco network appliance; eliminating the need to create or replicate an additional data store.

“PCI DSS has specific requirements concerning remote access to controlled systems. The guidelines specifically make reference to the authentication mechanisms that SecureAuth utilizes to protect the resources that require PCI compliance.” says Craig Lund, CEO of MultiFactor Corporation. “In addition, multi-factor SecureAuth complies with all the administrative and logging provisions that PCI requires.”

SecureAuth, secure in administration, access, and logging; all of which are PCI DSS requirements, is ideal for financial and commercial enterprises looking to meet these guidelines with a secure, cost-effective solution. SecureAuth is advantageous to the enterprise, in that it is a self-contained dual factor authentication solution, providing user authentication, administration, and logging on the same appliance. The SecureAuth solution is a one-stop solution for enterprises seeking to meet PCI guidelines. For more information, please visit http://www.multifa.com

About MultiFactor Corporation 
MultiFactor Corporation is pioneering the delivery of the strongest, proven 2-factor authentication, web application security, IPSec and SSL VPN security methodologies in an easy-to-deploy, low-maintenance product called SecureAuth™. This tokenless, browser-based authentication solution generates and validates client- and server- side certificates without PKI. SecureAuth represents the evolution of a technology that, for more than two decades, has remained the de facto standard for identity and access management technology. More secure than hardware or software tokens, SecureAuth is inexpensive to acquire, deploy and manage. MultiFactor Corporation’s innovation and its development of real-world security solutions draws from a diversified team of cryptographers, network and Web application specialists and certified security engineers.

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Zamzom.com Offers New Free Parental Control Software

Zamzom.com, is proud to announce its new free parental control software. The software is easy to use and allows parents the ability to block questionable websites and monitor their kids’ time online. The software also helps keep kids safe from cyberbullies.

“Kids today have created an interactive world apart from adult knowledge and supervision. Because bullies tend to harass their victims away from the adults, the Internet is the perfect tool for reaching their victims. Zamzom is an ideal way to protect your children from becoming these bullies’ next victims,” says Per Hansen of Zamzom.com.

Zamzom control is an all-in-one solution. The program gives parents the opportunity to:

– Take a screen-shot of the desktop at specific time intervals
– Alert parents by email when the computer starts up
– Inform parents which programs have been used with specific dates and times
– Inform parents which websites have been visited with specific dates and times
– Block websites or ip addresses

Zamzom Control has a very user-friendly interface and does not require any specific computer knowledge. It is visible in the system tray and is password protected. Zamzom recommends that parents explain to their children and other computer users why they have installed the software and let them know how it works. For more information, please visit http://www.zamzom.com.

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New Lynx Systems Services Enhance Intuit MRI and Yardi Software

Lynx Systems Inc. introduces two new services for users of Intuit MRI, Yardi Systems and other property management software. The Four Day System Assessment gets the most from your property management software and the Ten Day Process Review ensures management has access to strategic information.

Four Day System Assessment: The Best From Your Software

This assessment focuses on your current asset and property management systems: the major transactional processes that the company relies upon every day. Our senior consultants perform an in-depth evaluation on how effectively your company and staff are using the existing accounting system. Our findings will provide you with various alternatives for improvement, including incremental and cost effective steps towards your optimal solution.

Learn more at www.lynxsystemsinc.com/FourDay.html

Ten Day Process Review: The Right Information, The Right Decisions

This review is a detailed analysis of your organization’s major business processes and operations outside of the “core” accounting systems. Typically, hundreds of processes within a real estate development company are not supported by the standard accounting systems and not easily accessible to senior management. A true Knowledge Management System, accessing the information from all of these processes, is key to making the right decisions to achieve your strategic goals, especially in these difficult times.

Learn More at www.lynxsystemsinc.com/Tenday.html

Lynx Systems in 2009
As we move into 2009, we look back with appreciation for the support of our many loyal clients and the opportunities that are being presented to us. Last year was a time of change and development for Lynx and we are excited and proud of our renewed focus on service and expansion of offerings.

Since 1997, Lynx Systems has been providing a full range of support services to the real estate industry including hotline support, customization, report development, technical support, training, data conversion, and implementation support. Our professionals are familiar with all major financial accounting systems including Intuit MRI, Yardi, J.D. Edwards, Newstar, Spectra and CTI Systems.

We are particularly proud of our new service offerings, described above, designed to help clients to improve efficiencies, and make the most cost-effective decisions in these difficult economic times.

For more information visit www.lynxsystemsinc.com

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