Microsoft Project Viewer – ValleySpeak Project Server 3.8 Released

ValleySpeak Inc. announced today the release of version 3.8 of its Microsoft Project viewer – ValleySpeak Project Server.

ValleySpeak today announced the launch version 3.8 of its flagship Microsoft Project viewer – ValleySpeak Project Server. ValleySpeak Project Server is a web based Microsoft Project Viewer which can be used by Project Managers to publish, control and execute projects in real time, while continuing to make full use of Microsoft Project 2003 or 2007.

Microsoft Project Viewer - ValleySpeak Project Server 3.8 Released

ValleySpeak Project Server as a Microsoft Project Viewer provides 100% 2-way integration with Microsoft Project 2007 and 2003. While Project Managers can continue to plan and manage projects using Microsoft Project as usual, Team Members can now view and submit u p d  a t e s to the project plans in real time, simply by using any web browser through ValleySpeak Project Server. Apart f r o m being a robust Microsoft Project Viewer, ValleySpeak Project server also contains built-in Risk Management, Document Management, Timesheet Management, Calendar Management and Integrated Project Reporting and all these modules are provided at no extra cost to the customer.

Features of ValleySpeak Project Server includes:

* Up-to-date project information is available to team members online in real-time.
* Centralized management for issues, timesheet and resources.
* Easy to use, efficient and 90% cheaper alternative to Microsoft Project Server.
* Easy to subscribe hosted service with total data portability [i.e., your data stays on your desktop and you can move out with your data any time you want]

ValleySpeak Project Server as a Microsoft Project Viewer will be available as an On Demand as well as an On Site deployment model. While the On Demand model is ideally suited for small and medium enterprises, the On Site model is suited for companies who would like to keep their data within their LAN. The On-Site version will have the exact same features as the hosted version.

The enhancements in this new release include

* New improved Template work flow with ValleySpeak Project server
* Use your own SMTP settings – Admins can now use their own SMTP settings to control email flow.
* Resource utilization report
* Enhanced Portfolio reporting

To get a free trial of ValleySpeak Project Server, please visit

About ValleySpeak, Inc
Founded in 1999 in San Jose, California, ValleySpeak is a provider of project management software for Small and Medium businesses. ValleySpeak products drastically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by being easy to setup, use and administer.

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Atlassian Joins Agile Alliance

Atlassian, a global developer of popular agile tools for agile software development, announced today that they have become a corporate member of the Agile Alliance, an online community that supports the values and principals of the Agile Manifesto.

Participation in the Agile Alliance follows the launch of Atlassian’s agile development microsite, “Agile @ Atlassian.” The site features video interviews with several of Atlassian’s engineers and product managers as they discuss agile software development, pair programmingsoftware testingcode review and more. Agile software development refers to a group of pragmatic software development methodologies based on iterative development. In agile development requirements and solutions evolve less through planning and more through frequent interactions between collaborative self-organizing cross-functional development teams and a customer. Unlike traditional approaches aimed at delivering a large application at the end of a long project, agile software development focuses on keeping code simple, testing often, and rapidly delivering working software to the customer, enabling the gathering of customer feedback at the earliest possible opportunity throughout the entire life of the project.

Atlassian develops agile tools that help software engineers develop in collaborative improve software quality, and promote best practices. Atlassian recently released version 4.2 of GreenHopper, a plugin for JIRA that provides agile project management to simplify sprint planning and task tracking for a team. GreenHopper adds support for popular agile methodologies including Scrum and Kanban, enabling users to easily plan and manage short iterations, constrain the amount of work that can be allocated to any stage of a workflow and measure lead time for projects.

Atlassian has also recently participated in a number of agile events, including Agile 2009 in Chicago, Agile Australia 2009, and the Agile World Tour. For more information, visit Agile @ Atlassian or Atlassian’s agile blog series.

About Atlassian
Atlassian is a private, global software company that helps technical and corporate teams collaborate and build better products and solutions for their customers. Our mission is simple: delight customers with our products and our service, value innovation in development and our business operation, and solve customer problems with brilliant simplicity. Atlassian boasts more than 15,000 customers and 188 employees. For more information, visit

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Celerant Technology Launches Redesigned

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, launched the redesign of to the web. The site has been updated with an entirely new design which offers new functionality and system screenshots, creating a more aesthetic and user friendly appeal while remaining informative.

“As with our retail software and E-Commerce sites that we develop for our clients, we continuously strive to keep our own website up-to-date and maintain our commitment to employ newly available technology” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “ is a valuable source of information for prospects who are exploring our website for the first time and also for existing clients who wish to increase their current knowledge of our company and retail system. Our internal web team has developed and utilized progressive functionality to enhance the navigation of the site and add to the overall experience of our visitors.”

The new provides visitors with valuable information from the previous version of the site, such as access to the demo video library, product overview and company news. In addition to the new design and layout, the site also features quick views, Flash technology, newsfeeds, a search box, added content and images, the ability to download product brochures, and more.

“We’ve given a makeover to provide a fresh, new look while maintaining the advanced search engine optimization practices from our previous site, along with new techniques that we’ve acquired,” stated Michele Salerno, Celerant Marketing/Communications Manager. “We are excited about the launch of our new site and look forward to providing the industry with a more efficient tool to learn about our company and multichannel software solutions.”, along with, provides an overview of the retail software company and of their multichannel system, Celerant Command Retail. The redesign of the site is a symbol of the company’s growth and advancement toward new forms of technology, a growth that maintains Celerant’s position as a leader in the retail software industry.

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Celerant Technology Ranks within Top 5 Retail Software for 3rd Year in a Row

Celerant Technology Corp. ranked in the top five for best retail software for the third year in a row in the RIS News 2009 Retail Software LeaderBoard Study. The study presents an annual ranking of the top retail software vendors worldwide based on a variety of categories to test performance, reliability, customer satisfaction and value. In addition to the top 5 overall ranking, Celerant also received high placement in every midsize vendor category.

Celerant Technology Ranks within Top 5 Retail Software for 3rd Year in a Row

“We are again honored to rank within the top five retail software vendors, as a midsize company scoring alongside our much larger competitors in terms of revenue,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “Additionally, we feel that our inclusion in every midsize category and securing a top five position for each, are significant accomplishments that are indicative of Celerant’s focus on quality and excellence. Year after year, the RIS Leaderboard continues to validate our mission of providing innovative technology along with exceptional customer service.”

Celerant provides an advanced, multi-channel retail software application, with a strong focus on customer service and client satisfaction. This is exemplified through its top 5 rankings in all of the customer service midsize categories, including Quality of Support, Quality of Service and Leaders in Recommendation. The Celerant Command Retail system received exceptional scores as well, with top 5 rankings in each of the following midsize categories: Leaders in Product Reliability, Leaders in Overall Performance, Leaders in Total Cost of Ownership, Leaders in ROI, Leaders in Installation/Integration, Leaders in Administration/Maintenance and Leaders in Technology/Innovation.

“Celerant Technology, which shows a modest Revenue Factor score, comes in at number five, right up there among the biggest companies in retailing,” stated Joe Skorupa, Editor-In-Chief of RIS News. “The reason Celerant is able to rank so high on the Top 20 list is its lofty Customer Satisfaction score, which is among the highest on the LeaderBoard. Customer Satisfaction accounts for just under half of the total score on the Top 20 master list.”

RIS received feedback f r o m 156 retail voters who reviewed 99 individual software vendors and cast 479 votes for this study, ultimately selecting the top 20. The RIS LeaderBoard Study measures a combination of the technical superiority and customer satisfaction of retail software vendors. The votes are taken f r o m qualified retailers during a three-week period in September and the results are shared in December of the same year, after it is tallied by a third-party research firm.

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Enterprise Meets Social Intranet

Intranet Connections, a seasoned player in the Intranet Software market out of Vancouver, Canada is bringing core enterprise tools and social engagement together into one package. After a rebrand and announcement of their latest product release, their focus is on small to medium size businesses wishing to have SharePoint-like features, but without the price tag or management overhead.

Enterprise Meets Social Intranet

Intranet Connections is completely out-of-the-box and can be deployed within the local network or externally on a third party host. Their feature list includes Document Management, an interactive e-Form Builder, Support Desk Ticketing capabilities, an Employee Training module, and an array of other online business tools that is centered on enhancing employee productivity. Like SharePoint, they offer single sign-on with Active Directory, providing a quick and easy implementation of multiple domains, user / group synchronization and manager relationships.

What makes Intranet Connections unique is that they have combined the enterprise intranet with social intranet 2.0 in a simple to use format. The social aspect offers applications to facilitate social media, employee engagement, collaboration and conversation, without a complicated interface. Although their philosophy is open collaboration and participation by employees, flexible security structures allows for administrators to determine who can do what. Social tools can be stepped out gradually, and robust content approval provides the flexibility to deploy collaborative functionality in more conservative workplaces.

With out-of-the-box deployment simplicity and brand name clients like Nintendo Canada, NASA Langley Research Center, American Furniture Warehouse, Golfsmith International and 15 Mayo Clinics across the United States, Intranet Connections is a major player in the enterprise social intranet market.

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TBM Consulting to be an Authorized Implementation Partner and Reseller of Lean Manufacturing Digital Kanban System

Datacraft Solutions, creator of the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital Kanban system, announced today that TBM Consulting Group has become an authorized implementation partner and reseller of its Lean Manufacturing Digital Kanban Solution. Datacraft technology cost-effectively streamlines the supply chain replenishment process with a web-based SaaS solution. Datacraft Solutions provides immediate visibility to manufacturers’ supply chains, leveraging technology to better manage inventories, improve inventory turns, reduce lead times, enhance ERP transaction accuracy, and build effective partnerships with key customers and suppliers.

Datacraft selected TBM Consulting Group, the global leader in Lean Sigma consulting, as its authorized implementation partner because of its extensive experience and proven results in helping companies leverage lean processes throughout the value chain. Datacraft CEO and Chairman, Stephen Parker stated, “We are pleased to join ranks with TBM, a long-time thought leader and implementation expert in the lean manufacturing community. Our ability to rapidly turn idle assets into cash, combined with TBM’s world-class expertise in development and execution of lean strategies, will give manufacturers the competitive edge they need to thrive in this economy.”

TBM works with its clients to develop lean value chains where customer demand drives supply chain replenishment—creating a pull effect f r o m customers back to the distribution center, factory and suppliers. They help clients to develop collaborative relationships with suppliers and customers that smooth the flow of products through the value chain helping to improve quality, reduce inventory and delight customers.

TBM will lead its clients’ implementation of Datacraft Solutions’ digital Kanban system, seamlessly integrated with internal production planning and accounting systems, and delivered through a secure Internet gateway, eliminating the need to install and maintain a complex IT solution. Compared to typically complex, expensive, and time-intensive automation software implementations, TBM will deploy the Datacraft system in weeks, with no need for extensive training regimens or on-going internal support. The digital Kanban system allows clients to access and utilize powerful lean benefits immediately for a low, predictable monthly fee. Services are scalable so manufacturers can design an appropriate digital Kanban solution to meet customer, internal and supplier needs.

TBM, a global LeanSigma consulting firm, will resell Datacraft products and provide resources for global implementation in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. This partnership is a significant development in the supply chain industry, as TBM and Datacraft are market leaders in the services they provide to the manufacturing industry.

TBM managing director for lean value chain, Ken Koenemann, endorsed the partnership adding, “As companies extend lean beyond their four walls, they immediately realize the need for better visibility f r o m customer demand back through the supply chain. This requires open information sharing, visible performance metrics and clearly-defined expectations. We believe our approach, combined with the powerful simplicity of Datacraft’s eKanban system, will help drive effective demand-driven replenishment and better support our clients’ needs for managing inventory and meeting customer delivery requirements.”

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Raddon Financial Group Enters Alliance to Resell DeepTarget’s Targeted Marketing for Online Banking

DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced that Raddon Financial Group (, a strategic business unit of Open Solutions Inc. (, would resell DeepTarget OLB to its clients. RFG has been providing target marketing solutions exclusively to the financial services industry since 1983 and DeepTarget OLB will extend RFG’s customer intelligence and cross-sell methodology to the online banking channel.

“We have a long history of providing strategic advice and marketing analytics to financial institutions. DeepTarget allows us to further transform this knowledge into targeted marketing offers within online banking,” said Craig Capp, vice president, strategic solutions with RFG. “The integrated workflow between iNTEGRATOR and DeepTarget provides unique value to our clients.”

From this alliance, financial institutions will gain targeted online messaging from an integrated workflow between DeepTarget OLB and Raddon’s iNTEGRATOR MCIF. Banks and credit unions will be able to leverage their online banking channels with relevant product offers based on RFG’s research-based segmentation and predictive cross-sell methodology.

RFG already offers integrated solutions to help clients improve cross-sales through the teller, platform, and call center channels. DeepTarget OLB extends RFG’s solution to the online banking channel.

DeepTarget OLB is a secure, hosted, electronic banner messaging solution that presents targeted and personalized offers to members within various online banking environments. The messages displayed on the banners are highly targeted to individual account holders. DeepTarget OLB has a proven track record of exceptionally high software return on investment (ROI). This can be attributed to the relevance of the marketing messages presented which increases the likelihood of account holders taking advantage of the offers. In addition, the online setting in general drives higher response rates, and when combined with DeepTarget’s relevant offers, this helps to further boost the success of marketing campaigns. The combination of iNTEGRATOR and DeepTarget OLB provides a powerful workflow that links iNTEGRATOR’s strategic findings and delivers them through an optimal cross selling delivery channel. For example, the next-best cross-sell opportunities as determined through research, profitability, and priority for each household in the database are used to create appropriate offers that are then displayed within online banking via the DeepTarget generated banners.

Preetha Pulusani, DeepTarget’s CEO, said “We are very excited about the expanded reach and visibility that RFG will create in the market. RFG’s decision to resell DeepTarget was based on an exhaustive assessment. Thus, this step really validates and demonstrates the value that credit unions and banks are receiving with our product. There is no doubt that such a key alliance will both directly and positively impact DeepTarget’s mission for leadership and innovation in targeted digital marketing solutions for financial services.”

About DeepTarget Inc.
DeepTarget Inc. is an insight driven digital marketing company whose software is rapidly redefining targeted marketing.

About RFG
RFG, a strategic business unit of Open Solutions Inc., has been providing research-based solutions exclusively to the financial services industry since 1983.

About Open Solutions Inc.
Open Solutions Inc. offers a fully featured strategic information management product platform that integrates core data processing applications built on a single centralized Oracle relational database, with Internet banking, cash management, CRM/business intelligence, financial accounting and management tools, profitability tools, wealth management, imaging, digital documents, interactive voice response, technology services, HSAs, payments and loan origination solutions.

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Intranet Communication Key in Distinguished Accreditation Program Honor

Schaumburg Park District, a user of Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software, was recently honored by The Illinois Association of Park Districts and The Illinois Parks and Recreation Association. Schaumburg received praise for their intranet that facilitates employee communication and provides important district information to front line staff that directly correlates with improved customer service.

The goal of the Illinois Distinguished Accreditation program is to recognize the agencies that deliver recreational services to improve the quality of life for Illinois residents. The Accreditation program is a voluntary, comprehensive evaluation that reviews a district’s observance of best practices within the profession and compliance to Illinois laws governing park district administration.

Schaumburg Park District was recognized for excellence in sound business practices, programs, public accountability and quality facilities. In addition to their intranet, Schaumburg was honored for their Facility Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management Program, and the “Green Light” environmental programs and policies that promote district-wide energy efficiency and sound environmental practices.

Schaumburg Park Board President, George Longmeyer, commented that “The District’s commissioners and staff are very proud of this achievement, and the employees are to be congratulated for their dedication to the highest standards of the profession and commitment to community.”

The distinguished park and recreation accreditation program began in 1993 with recognition of three park districts and since that time more than 40 of Illinois’ 400+ park districts have been accredited.

Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software is a feature-rich, out-of-the-box intranet solution with content and document management that focuses on ease of use, collaboration and employee ownership. Over 1300 organizations world-wide have chosen Intranet Connections to improve their employee communications, centralize their corporate information, save costs and increase productivity.

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