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Global Graphics latest research has revealed that around half of large organizations (51 per cent) will deploy more enterprise-wide free software in 2010. The trend is partly driven by the pressure on enterprise IT budgets; with two thirds of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) saying their budget is the same – or less – than in 2009. The full report is available at the Global Graphics website.

Commissioned by Global Graphics, a developer of edocument and printing software, the research also shows that three quarters (76 per cent) of large organizations already use free software across the enterprise. Indeed, over half (54 per cent) of large organizations use more than 10 different free software products. The findings are based on interviews with 400 CIOs from organizations with over 1000 employees across the US (300 CIOs) and the UK (100 CIOs).

The most deployed piece of free software is Adobe Reader PDF software which is used by 78 per cent of organizations (at an enterprise or departmental level), with Java Runtime Environment and Adobe Flash Player completing the top three. QuickTime, OpenOffice, Google Docs, Skype and Microsoft Save as PDF also make the top 10 most used free software applications.

The main driver for using free software, cited by 47 per cent of CIOs, is to complement existing desktop applications to extend functionality to users that could not be provided using paid-for software. The replacement of Adobe Acrobat was cited by 38 per cent of CIOs, while 24 per cent are looking to free software to replace Microsoft Office.

“Free software is a critical part of large organizations’ IT strategies,” said Gary Fry, Chief Executive Officer, Global Graphics. “Large organizations are perfectly prepared to use free software where possible, and upgrade to a full paid-for version of the product where it makes sense for them.”

Global Graphics – which develops software for Agfa, Quark, Fuji Xerox, Kodak, HP – is fighting for a place on the corporate desktop alongside Adobe, Google and Microsoft by providing enterprise-level productivity applications.

Global Graphics recently launched the most comprehensive enterprise-level free PDF creation and viewing software; gDoc Creator. The easy to use free PDF creator which allows users to convert from many file formats, including Word to PDF and XPS, is available for download by individual office workers and consumers, and can be obtained under a corporate licensing plan for the enterprise.

About Global Graphics
Global Graphics is a leading developer of e-document and printing software. Its customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, software developers and resellers and number the world’s leading brands of digital pre-press systems, digital presses, multi-function copiers and printers for the office market, as well as a wide variety of market leading software applications.

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More Software press releases The Job Search Board Specifically For Mobile Application Developer is the first and only job board specifically created for the mobile application industry. Unlike Monster, Dice and, will connect employers with developers who have a broad range of skill sets in addition to specific skills in the development of mobile applications. The 2009 Juniper Research Report states that “both direct and indirect revenues from mobile applications are expected to exceed $25bn by 2014, with growth fueled by a raft of store launches targeting bothhigh-end and mass-market handsets and Enterprise and legacy integration applications development”. was designed for the specific needs of employers and mobile application developers. Both employers and candidates can post jobs and resumes, perform targeted searches specific to mobile application development while specifying location, type of employment, skillset and other search criteria.

For recruiters and employers, provides specific tools and resources to help human resource managers improve the effectiveness of their recruitment processes. The resume database enables customers to quickly and efficiently search for candidates with specialized skills that match their mobile application requirements. Due to’s exclusive focus on the mobile application industry, our customers can find results faster and easier than on other, less targeted services.

For mobile application developers, provides the tools job seekers need to search, assess and evaluate potential employers and help them identify the opportunities that best fits their career goals. career search services and networking tools enable job seekers, recruiters and employers to create targeted connections across thousands of online communities. delivers a one-of-a-kind recruitment solution that provides the targeted exposure of a specialized job board . Visit us at

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A Digital Asset Management System From Design to Production – There are times in the evolution of an organization when the timing is right to transition f r o m old processes and procedures into new ones. These are opportunities that must be managed professionally and with meticulous attention to detail. Stakeholders f r o m many areas often get involved and can produce monumental results for the future direction of the organization.

Many organizations produce a variety of catalogs, direct mail and other collateral in order to support the selling and marketing of their products. In addition, many organizations are seeking to improve their online presence, necessitating a web content management system that works seamlessly with other sales and marketing campaigns.

As an organization evolves, for example, the decision to go f r o m a cumbersome film-based photography approach to a digital asset-based approach is no trivial matter. The advantages of a digital asset management system are vast, for improving the creative and production processes. However, a third-party content management system consulting business can greatly improve the associated transition process.

An appropriate digital asset management strategy is the first step in moving toward a more effective system. The design of digital asset management work flow models and use cases are essential tools for understanding archival procedures and determining future support requirements.

The evaluation of vendors by soliciting responses is vital to matching business requirements and vendor constraints. Additional opportunities for integration with merchandising, an inventory management system, and a new web content management system may be discovered along the way and taken into consideration for final product selection.

A qualified content management system consultant has a better chance of providing the most independent evaluation of vendors, especially if they can translate the technical specifications and functionality into layman’s terms. This enables stakeholders within the organization to make more informed decisions about the final selection. This reduces selection process time, ensures user adoption, and mitigates risk.

Oftentimes, customization is required for legacy system integration in order to capture campaigns that will be replaced by the new digital asset management system as well as for bulk asset upload. Additionally, many digital asset management solutions can be leveraged to act as a centralized hub and as a traffic controller for all assets to be managed and distributed in the organization’s digital work flow.

High integrity content management consultants are vital participants for organizations to accomplish digital asset management objectives. Proven experience is essential in order to reduce risk and efficiently facilitate a smooth transition to a digital asset management system or a web content management system.

Selecting the right vendor that best suits the organizational requirements and offers flexible integration into additional systems is vital. The assistance of a content management system consultant that is well versed in tailoring and implementing digital asset management systems reduces time especially when confronted with understanding and translating the technical attributes of each vendor.

As a result, the potential of a digital asset management system can be more fully realized through the assistance of a qualified consultant. Organizations that find the right consultant are better able to effectively deploy digital asset management solutions, in less time, with tighter integration, and with greater peace of mind.

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Celerant Technology Included in 2009 CPA Advisor Reader’s Choice Awards

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, was selected as a preferred recipient of the 2010 Reader’s Choice Award for Retail Accounting/Point of Sale.

“The inclusion of Celerant in the CPA Advisor’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards is an achievement that is representative of our endeavor to be in tune with our clients’ needs” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “Throughout the development of the Command Retail software, we strive to keep in mind that a company relies on all of its many facets working well together. The software is designed to address the needs of each user, including the important role of the accountant or bookkeeper. We understand that it is the combination of these facets that leads to the success of the company as a whole.”

The CPA Advisor’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Award highlights software that provides a solution for the accounting industry that helps to automate accounting and bookkeeping procedures. The Accounting/Point of Sale award is geared toward programs that serve the small to mid-sized retail market.

“Our annual Readers’ Choice Awards continue to show a trend toward the adoption of workflow optimization systems and other technology tools that help firms and small businesses run leaner and more profitably” said Senior Technology Editor, Isaac O’Bannon. “The awards are not a scientific study, but the voting results do offer an informal view into the professional lives of tax and accounting professionals, their technology and vendor preferences, and other insights.”

Celerant Command Retail provides retailers with a complete software solution that fully integrates the point of sale on the front end with back office functionality, inventory control, warehouse, distribution, allocation, advanced reporting and E-Commerce. Command goes beyond these functions by integrating with professional third-party accounting software, including QuickBooks, MAS 90, and Great Plains, in addition to its own integrated accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger functions. For more information, go to

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Speedy Organizer – Document Management Software

Speedy Solutions announces new lower pricing and increased functionality for its flagship product Speedy Organizer a windows based Document Management System. The new pricing will be a one time annual fee of $94.00 a significant reduction from previous pricing options. In addition, all maintenance and future enhancements for the product will be included.

Speedy Solutions is focusing a significant marketing effort for it’s flagship product Speedy Organizer – Document Management Software to both home businesses and smaller businesses. This effort is primarily being driven by the new significantly reduced pricing of $94 and the ability to purchase Speedy Organizer directly from the Speedy Solutions web-site with the fulfillment being provided by Amazon. The product can be purchased stand alone to support an already purchased, scanner, copier or multi function printer (MFP) or in conjunction with any new scanner, copier or (MFP).

Speedy Organizer has also been enhanced to provide a number of new features and functions that have been requested by our clients. These features represent a significant improvement over previous releases and offer a number of improvements in the way our clients can more easily and efficiently retrieve documents. The new features are as follows:-

Autofill , Keyword Searching, Full Text Searching, Advanced Relational Searching , Version Control , Document Reporting, Pull specific document lists from database with “and/or” searching supported, SQL Database , Document Routing , Full Audit Trails and Logs , Data Import from Excel , Automated Import from Kodak, Kofax, Captiva and Digitech, PDF document password protection, annotation redaction, stick note , Document Destruction Date , Multi Department Multi Document Database Support , User Security Control.

All of these new features have been added to this next release of both Speedy Organizer and Speedy Organizer/PLUS. More importantly, all of our clients will be receiving this new release in the form of an update at no additional cost to them. Clients who currently use Speedy Organizer will receive the new release of Speedy Organizer and clients who currently use Speedy Organizer with the network option will automatically be upgraded to Speedy Organizer/PLUS. The new releases will be provided to our clients during this coming year 2010 based upon our client’s specific needs and time schedules. At this time we fully expect that all existing releases of Speedy Organizer will continue to be fully supported until such time as the entire client base has moved to these new enhanced products.

In addition to the new pricing and new enhancements Speedy Solutions will be moving to it’s new web-site effective January 11 th 2010, Complete information about our entire product line is available and many useful new additions have been made to better inform our clients and potential clients about the Speedy Solutions products, services and the concept of operating what we like to term a “Practical Paperless Office”.

Bryan Shepherd, Vice President of Business Development says “This represents a significant change for us. We are going to offer Speedy Organizer for just $94 via the Internet. This annual fee will include all maintenance and future enhancements for a registered user of Speedy Organizer. Additionally, Mr. Shepherd emphasized, “Home and small businesses are struggling in this economic downturn and the even slower recovery. Using our product will dramatically improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of any company, while improving its own clients overall satisfaction and an overall improvement in communication. Just imagine being able to get critical or urgent documents to any of your clients or suppliers in a matter of minutes rather than in hours and days. Now is clearly the time for home and small businesses to be investing in the improvement of their overall profitability and efficiency for the future”

Speedy Organizer works with all types of scanner, copier or MFP and automatically catalogs any type of paper document being scanned, or digital documents already stored. Once cataloged the documents can then be easily and efficiently retrieved in a matter of seconds. Speedy Organizer will also ensure that all documents are stored securely and will never be lost.

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VHS TO DVD 5.0 Premium by Honestech Supports HDTV and Blu-ray

Honestech, Inc., a leading developer and marketer of digital video and Internet Protocol (IP) software technology for multimedia content has released VHS to DVD™ Premium 5.0. The VHS to DVD™ 5.0 Premium easily converts your VHS, BetaMax, VHS-C and other analog and digital video to DVD or Blu-ray format. VHS to DVD 5.0 Premium features a USB 2.0 interface, with 4GB of integrated FLASH memory. The USB device has the VHS to DVD 5.0 Premium software embedded in FLASH memory in a Read Only Memory folder leaving 3.5GB of free memory for use as portable video storage. In addition to the application program, the USB device can hold up to 90 minutes of SD (NTSC or PAL VHS format equivalent) video, so no installation CD is required and it can be used on Netbooks™.

The new VHS to DVD 5.0 Premium has received certification f r o m the Blu-ray consortium and supports high definition video editing up to 1080p, and backward compatibility to VHS/NTSC formats helping you “unlock your memories and secure them for years to come.” Integrated YouTube™ uploading, DVD and Blu-ray support enable easy sharing of your video files.

Priced at $99.99 with availability in the first quarter of 2010, VHS to DVD 5.0 Premium is perfect for both novices and professionals alike. The software offers tools to edit and produce quality video files easily, while saving priceless home videos in sharp and crystal-clear DVD quality. With just a few clicks anyone can easily transfer HDV, VHS, Beta, or other videotapes to DVD or Blu-ray, using the step-by-step pictorial instructions that guide the user through the easy wizard mode. This is one of the first solutions to support Blu-ray Authoring and Burning on Blu-ray Discs. Advanced scene editing tools allow users to record movies, delete commercials or unwanted scenes, and easily add special effects, titles and chapter menus.

About Honestech, Inc.

Honest Technology Inc. is a premier supplier of digital video and audio communication and entertainment solutions. Founded in 1998, as a pioneer of real-time MPEG encoding/decoding software technologies, the company’s vision is to bring high-quality digital video and audio into users’ daily lives by transforming the way video and audio are captured, delivered and experienced.

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