MailList Controller Version 8 Released

Arclab Software Technologies, a software development company creating and marketing windows applications for home and business users, announced today the release of the newest version of the professional email newsletter software “MailList Controller” version 8.

MailList Controller Version 8 Released

Arclab MailList Controller is an email mailing list management, bulk mail, email marketing and email newsletter software solution for windows designed to send out personalized email messages, manage multiple mailing lists, email newsletter services, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.

MailList Controller works with Microsoft® Windows® 7/Vista/XP/2000

Features of the latest version:

* Send out Newsletter and Bulk Email Messages
* Fast SMTP Email Software Engine
* Works with any Mailaccount (SMTP/POP3)
* Supports SMTP/ESMTP Authentication
* Support for SSL and StartTLS (Secure Socket Layer)
* Partial and delayed Send Mode for limited Mailaccounts
* Directory Pickup Mode for direct mailing without SMTP
* Forward Replies to a different Email Address
* Customizable Returned Mail (Bounce) Detection
* Manage and Host multiple Distribution Lists
* Supports 15 custom Fields for Personalization
* Supports Filters and Subsets (Queries) for partial Mailing
* Linked Lists (List linked to an external Data Source)
* Single and Double Opt-in Subscriptions
* Process Email Subscribe and Remove Requests
* Process Webform Subscribe and Remove Requests
* Import Members from MS Excel, MS Access, Text (csv) or ODBC
* Global Blacklist for Import and incoming Messages
* Sort out duplicate Email Addresses automatically
* Built-in WYSIWYG Rich-Text (HTML) Editor
* Support for external Mail Client (e.g. MS Outlook)
* Direct support for external HTML Editors
* Personalization (Mail Merge)
* Add inline Graphics and File Attachments to Newsletter Messages
* Import HTML files from an external HTML Editor
* Send Plain Text, HTML or Messages in MIME Format
* Custom Charsets for international Newsletter Mailings
* Subscribe Archive (Save Subscribe Email Source)
* Email Software that runs on your Computer
* Works on a Windows PC, Desktop, Laptop or Server
* Runs as Windows Service (does not require an User being logged in)
* No special Hardware or additional Software required
* No Subscription and no Recurring Fees required
* Member Database stays private and secure

The newsletter software is available in 3 different versions: MailList Controller Free, Professional and eXtreme.

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Automated ‘Enhanced Printing’ Feature in Datacraft’s Industry-Leading Digital Kanban SAAS Solution

Datacraft Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in demand driven supply chain collaboration solutions, announced today that it has released a new “Enhanced Printing” feature to its web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for inventory replenishment and order management. This new feature is built into the “Signum” product suite and provides Datacraft customers with added flexibility, ease of use and configurability in further automating printing functions related to inventory flow through the supply chain.

Automated 'Enhanced Printing' Feature in Datacraft's Industry-Leading Digital Kanban SAAS Solution

“Enhanced printing” in Signum provides users with the ability to manage printers on the local area network and selectively associate them with individual user profiles. Productivity enhancements include: one-click Receiving Card printing; multiple-copy Receiving Card print options; unique Production Card template assignment at the card-set level; and reprint capabilities for Receiving Cards and “spike” cards.

“We are proud to work with the world’s premiere lean leaders to advance and sustain business practices that generate outstanding financial returns,” said Stephen Parker, CEO of Datacraft. “We are constantly at work refining and improving our world-class collaborative replenishment network solution. This new addition to Signum is customer-driven and will deliver even further productivity gains to our customers’ plants.”

Through Datacraft’s Software-as-a-Service offering, internal consumption of inventory is optimized and communicated in real-time throughout the supply chain. Signum is an automated digital supply chain technology that reduces inventory levels, increases productivity, continually improves process flow and provides realtime, visual and collaborative communication in the supply chain. Signum is delivered securely over the Internet without the need to install and maintain complex, expensive IT hardware and software infrastructure.

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Celerant Partners with DigitalPersona to Decrease Fraud and Increase Accountability

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, recently integrated the use of biometric fingerprint readers into their complete point of sale software, and partnered with DigitalPersona to provide the cost effective devices.

Celerant Partners with DigitalPersona to Decrease Fraud and Increase Accountability

“At Celerant we are continuously implementing new technology to enable our clients to more efficiently manage their retail operations and increase productivity,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “The integration of biometric login and punch clock into the Celerant POS allows store managers to track workflow, eliminate time theft and reduce fraudulent transactions, ultimately increasing ROI and boosting productivity.”

The biometric fingerprint readers supply a cost-effective approach for addressing payroll theft and point of sale shrink. They aid in dramatically reducing time and attendance fraud, promoting adherence to corporate policies for voids and overrides, and simplifying compliance to company regulations.

“Six months ago, we implemented our biometric fingerprint reader at every register in all of our stores and it has proven to be a phenomenal tool” said Steve Patten, Director of IT for The Alpine Shop. “It has given us more control over employee activity and enables us to audit trail every sale by sales person. The fingerprint reader has been a real timesaver at the register and works very well with Celerant. It works flawlessly to tie our employees to each sale, ensuring that every discount, return, and gift card transaction is accounted for. In the future we also plan to use it beyond the point of sale to easily track staff schedules as well.”

The DigitalPersona biometric fingerprint reader aids in creating a work environment that emphasizes accountability and productivity. Its integration into Celerant Command Retail acts as a way for retailers to have a detailed perspective of their businesses, allowing them to run their operations securely and efficiently.

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