Media Professor, Telecom Executives Join Analytics Software Company’s Advisory Board

DataInfoCom announced today that one university professor and two senior executives have joined the company’s Board of Advisors. Together, they will help DataInfoCom pursue new market opportunities.

Dr. Christopher-John “CJ” Cornell is the Professor of Digital Media & Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication. He is also the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship. Dr. Cornell has more than 25 years of professional experience with Disney, Comcast, Time Warner, Canal+, Universal Television, Sony, Microsoft, and Sun. He holds degrees in engineering and management, and a Ph.D. in marketing and strategy.

Jeff White is a Vice President at Juniper Networks. Before Juniper, Mr. White was the Vice President of the National Account Program Operations at Alcatel-Lucent where he was responsible for leading Program Management in delivering Best in Class Customer Experiences to Alcatel-Lucent’s National Accounts in the Americas. Prior to joining Alcatel-Lucent, Mr. White served as Senior Director of National Transport Infrastructure Engineering at Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) where he had responsibility for national transport, VoIP and IMS engineering. His 20+ years of experience also includes successful tenures at BellSouth (now AT&T), Contour Networks, and Prime Co Personal Communications (now Verizon Wireless).

Rick Darlow is a Partner at Efficiency Energy. Before, he was a Division President at L3-Communications. Mr. Darlow has more than 20 years executive management experience in technology, instrumentation, and investment banking industries. As a seasoned Silicon Valley executive, he has served in various roles including Vice President Sales & Marketing, Chief Operations Officer, President, and Chief Executive.

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BC Place Facilitates Internal Communication with Intranet Connections During Post-Olympic Construction

Intranet Connections ( is pleased to announce the intranet launch for BC Place, the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. BC Place launched their Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 CMS Software in July with goals of improving corporate communication, increasing employee involvement, and enhancing information sharing within the organization.

After the 2010 Winter Games, BC Place was scheduled major construction to revitalize and modernize the facilities, including the largest retractable roof of its kind in the world. When the Administration team at BC Place learned that half of all full-time staff would be moving to temporary offices at the Vancouver Convention Centre and the other half would remain at BC Place, they immediately became aware that a corporate communication tool was needed to unify the two locations. The IT team spearheaded the project, identifying an intranet site as the best means to facilitate internal communication and provide a central repository for staff information.

In evaluating intranet solutions, BC Place knew they wanted to find a turnkey product that did not require any programming or custom development in order to get their site up and running.

“We ultimately selected Intranet Connections as an intranet solution because it was out-of the box and it required minimal administration overhead. Intranet Connections also came highly recommended, was proven in the market place and was developed by a Canadian company. We really liked the fact that Intranet Connections was a local organization.” says Winnie Mok, Information Services Manager at BC Place.

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Latest Unlock iPhone 3G Software For Your iPhone 3Gs And iPhone 4

To unlock  iPhone 3g/iOS 4.0 and unlock iphone4, one must exercise extreme caution, since there are many negative repercussions that can result. To start, for one to unlock iPhone 3g/4.0.2/iOS 4.0 they must spend quite some time to successfully unlock iPhone 3g/4.0.2iOS 4.0. Many have attempted to unlock iPhone 3g/4.0.2/iOS 4.0, but have had a bit of failure, and as a result, their iPhone had been damaged.

Downloading special software has appeared to be the most popular way to unlock iPhone 3g and unlock iphone 4. People simply conduct searches online for unlock iPhone 3g, and what they have come across are numerous sites that offer programs to be download. It is highly recommended that installation instructions are carefully followed so that corruption can be prevented. A special feature included with the software is the ability to unlock multiple smartphones simultaneously. The price range most have found for software such as this is between $15 and $30.

It is not uncommon to find “free” methods to unlock iPhone 3g, but word to the wise. These “free” solutions usually have a heavier risk factor, and should not be judged lightly. It is recommended to stick with reliable, PAID membership sites that offer support with the transition. These paid sites also offer more information regarding the subject, which is always an added plus.

Terminology used to illustrate the act of unlocking an iPhone is jailbreaking. A new market has been developed as a result of this particular method. New applications have began to be developed for smartphones as a result of jailbreaking an iPhone. Additionally, as more information is acquired about jailbreaking iPhones, more improvements can be developed and applied to improve the statistics of the device use and performance.

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