Celerant Technology Launches M-Commerce Application for Mobile Environments

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, recently launched its M-Commerce offering, providing all Celerant E-Commerce sites with the option to be reformatted for smaller screens, further extending the reach of their web presence and increasing customer satisfaction. Celerant M-Commerce was developed as a way to create a mobile version of a website, allowing it to be more easily viewed and accessed on a mobile device.

“Celerant M-Commerce is an expansion of our multichannel offering, demonstrating our drive to stay ahead of retail technology trends,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant Technology President and CEO. “Although most new phones can display full-size websites, our M-Commerce offering reformats our clients’ E-Commerce sites to fit in a display area that conforms to a smaller screen size. With this technology, the overall consumer experience is improved; enabling users to more easily view product information and make purchases directly from their mobile devices.”

Celerant Technology, www.celerant.com, provides a complete multichannel solution for retail organizations; from point of sale, inventory management, warehousing, E-Commerce, mail order and more. Celerant’s M-Commerce improves the viewing experience of a site, as overall site navigation will be updated and certain functionality that is deemed unnecessary in a mobile environment will be removed. Future versions of Celerant will also be optimized, making it possible to perform back office functions directly from a mobile device to run advanced reports and analyze store data from the palm of their hand.

“After the successful implementation of our Celerant POS and the launch of our integrated E-Commerce site, we wanted a way to further extend our store’s presence and cater to the needs of busy parents and parents to be” stated Art Howard, Owner of Destination Baby. “The development of our M-Commerce site was a great way for us to provide our shoppers with the ability to make purchases, check their accounts, and organize their gift registries from the convenience of their mobile phones and other devices.”

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VETport’s Online Veterinarian Practice Management EMR – The Game Changer

VETport’s Problem Oriented Medical Record approach to creating the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the highest standard for medical record keeping. This system has been designed keeping in mind key areas such as usability, efficiency, mobility and flexibility.

About VETport’s EMR
The VETport EMR is an XML based document making data exchange between differing systems a far smoother process. This facilitates the software’s detailed and fast reporting and analytics.

It has been designed to be logical to use with lots of predefined medical data preloaded viz. Subjective History forms, Objective forms, Lab Report Templates, Generic / Brand Drugs with default dosages, usages, routes, frequency & directions, preventive medicines and more.

Further we allow Automatic Prescriptions to be generated with Automatic Drug Processing to calculate the Dosages. Differential lists help achieve best practices and move towards a Clinical Decision Support system. All this is template driven and can be added to and modified in the hands of the user.

An EMR system with a difference, the VETport veterinary practice management software has been designed in such a way that it can be individualized for each user’s veterinary practice thus creating a valuable knowledgebase of intellectual property. This is the base on which one can scale their operations i.e. multiple clinics.

The Veterinary Electronic Medical Record helps trigger automated email reminders, aids decision-making when managing resources and scheduling, automates educational information and integrates seamlessly with in-house lab equipment and external labs. Specialist Practices can view and work on patient records of a General Practitioner and vice versa can get Referral practices to work within their environments.

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Intranet Connections Software Brings Simplicity to Intranet Administration

Intranet Connections has released the newest version of its intranet 2.0 CMS platform with the aims of reducing administration overhead for intranet managers and simplifying the design of site navigation. Intranet Connections version 10.5 targets small to medium size businesses wishing to have SharePoint-like functionality, but without the price tag or management overhead.

Carolyn Douglas, CEO of Intranet Connections, “Our focus is on ease-of-use and providing SMB’s with an out-of-the-box intranet that they can implement themselves. Version 10.5 provides intranet administrators with a simple solution that is easy to install, implement and manage on an ongoing basis, without the need for custom development.”

A key enhancement in the new release is the addition of a revised menu builder that features a drag and drop interface to manage site navigation. The redesigned interface allows administrators to add a horizontal menu to their site, create drop down menus, add menu headers and relocate menu items from the left main to the site header directly through the site interface. The new menu builder provides more flexibility to intranet managers wishing to customize their information architecture in a simple manner.

This latest release also builds on the popular tagging feature with the addition of a new content tag management interface. The robust tag administration area simplifies routine tag management tasks such as creating tag groups, moving tags between groups and finding tags with dynamically filtered search results. Admins can pre-populate and organize commonly used tags so that end users can easily tag and find relevant content.

Also included among the other features of v10.5 are an upgrade of the HTML editor to improve accuracy when composing complex document layouts or pasting from Word, an extranet friendly security model to simplify user-rights administration on intranet/extranet implementations and a new Multiple File Upload tool for improved ease-of-use, stability and performance.

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