Frankfurt Partners Publish its Newest SaaS Valuation and Metric Research Report

Business Consulting firm Frankfurt Partners ( released the third edition of its biannual Software as a Service (SaaS) Valuation and Metric Report. SaaS remains a relatively new business model but it has a great potential for growth. As of 2010, it is estimated to have reached less than 20% of its potential market.

The largest proportion of SaaS customers so far are SMEs and medium-sized companies with relatively little break-through into the enterprise market. However, the level of adoption by enterprises is starting to increase rabidly. By the end of 2010, 80% of U.S. organizations will use at least one SaaS-delivered application for business use.

“The M&A Activities have picked up in the last 12 month as a array of companies are seeking to capitalize on the rising demand for SaaS solutions and trying to position themselves as a strategic player in the SaaS market”, says Rene Meister. “Given the attractive characteristics of SaaS companies from a financial perspective (i.e. strong growth, revenue visibility), it is not surprising that M&A activity for SaaS vendors has been strong.”

This report includes extensive benchmarking data about the SaaS Market. It is an invaluable resource for metrics and benchmarks for running a business based on the SaaS business model.

Reports key findings:
•Although many more companies are entering the SaaS market, most of these are providing SaaS as an extension to their existing product line.
•With a total asset value of $2,460 million stated in its end 2009 balance sheet, Salesforce is more than three times the size of its nearest rival.
•SaaS providers require around 50-70% more capital than traditional software companies before they achieve a positive cash flow.
•Pure play SaaS providers are the most valuable out of 23 categories of software companies.
•Mergers and acquisition valuations have generally fallen from an average of 6.2 times revenue in 2007 to 5.3 times in 2010. Overall Deal sizes have been fallen too.
•Successful pure play SaaS providers such as Netsuite and are valued much higher then companies that still have traditional business models.

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Unlock iPhone 4/4.1 and Unlock iPhone 3Gs Software Released Today!

Within a few days of the release of the lastes firmware 4.1 from Apple, have generated an ingenious Unlock iPhone application that will enable all iPhone owners to break free from the network restrictions caused by the lasest update iOS 4.1.

The 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4 are undoubtedly becoming more and more popular as prices are starting to fall. The major downfall is the limited number of networks available to the buyer and the overly expensive price plans. Many iPhone Unlocking services believe that they have an unlocking solution for the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4, however most are very unreliable and on many occasions can damage your iPhone in the process.

Unlock iphone 4 Ltd was established shortly after the release of the first generation iPhone and have successfully unlocked over 1.5 million iPhones worldwide. This is unserpassed by any other service in the industry. They have achieved this remarkable repution by combining a very simple solution with a fantastic customer service department that are available 24/7 through many forms of contact including telephone.

The iPhone itself is overflowing with a wide assortment of features and functions, but it is typically only available on expensive price plans and predetermined networks. This has created annoyance within the iPhone community as the customer should have the freedom to select their own network provider and price plan.

The best part of the Unlock iPhone 4.1 Software is that upon unlocking your iPhone you will not loose any of the wonderful features and functionality the iPhone has to offer. This provides the iPhone user with absolute freedom over network choice and still have a complete fully functioning device, no features lost, freedom of choice.

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MindMeister Collaborative Mind Maps Now Available on Interact Intranet

Interact, a leading supplier in intelligent intranet software and MindMeister, providers of on-line mind mapping software, are pleased to announce a strategic technology partnership. The agreement allows the two companies to combine their industry leading software solutions.

MindMeister is the market leading and multiple award-winning web-based collaboration solution that uses proven mind mapping concepts to facilitate multi-user planning, brainstorming, and project management sessions all from within a standard web browser.

Interact Intranet is an easy to use, collaborative turnkey solution trusted by over 250,000 users. It is an intelligent intranet solution that learns as people use it, adapts and automatically connects relevant information to people. Powerful enterprise networking tools actively promote internal communication, collaboration, idea sharing and cross-organisation participation. It is modular in its architecture allowing organisations to add the components, resources, and services that are required as the business evolves and grows.

As a result of the new integration, Interact Intranet users will be able to access the MindMeister mind maps via the intranet to brainstorm or plan new projects. They will be able to simultaneously work with colleagues on the same map and see changes as they happen within the intuitive and familiar intranet interface.

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CWorks Systems Launches Revolutionary CView with Google Maps™ Capabilities

Award-winning CWorks Systems, (Mesdaq:0079), introduces CView, a revolutionary feature which incorporates Google Maps™ into CWorks Careworks – CWorks’ premier web-based maintenance management system. CView meshes data retrieved from the maintenance management system with Google Maps™ imagery to allow facility and plant managers visually pinpoint critical assets and failure hotspots in ‘real-time’. Using CView, a facility manager can quickly map and locate facilities, assets, and critical hotspots and significantly reduce response time to service these critical assets.

“A picture can speak a thousand words and we believe that CView ‘speaks a thousand words’ to multi-site facility and plant managers as well,” remarked Abdul Abdullah Rani, CEO of CWorks Systems. “So much of maintenance management reporting is linear and one dimensional. CWorks’ CView makes facility management three dimensional.”

“With the power of CView and its use of Google Maps™, managers can in real-time visually view those buildings with critical pending work orders and identify their proximity to one another to facilitate efficient servicing; they can even choose a hybrid visual where major roadways are superimposed over actual images. This level of sophistication in operational intelligence is something unheard of in facility management. ”

CView is divided into 3 pillars – Visibility, Analysis, and Actualization. Using these three pillars, managers get geo-surveillance real time maps of facilities and failure hotspots. Different colored markers display heavy work order hot spots using Google Maps™ and concentrations in real time based on the data from the maintenance management systems or CMMS. For more detail, users can then click on these colored hotspots and drill down to see work orders in detail for analysis and action plans, deployment of corrective works, pm schedules and spares stock plans.

CView is now available for a monthly subscription rate of $120 USD/month per user. CView is of special interest to companies that provide outsourced facility management services to multiple industries and locations; to companies with multiple sites; and to public services including government, colleges and school districts.

CWorks Systems, an award winning, publicly listed company that specializes in maintenance management solutions, has over 1,000,000 users in more than 100 countries. For more information on CView, check out

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License Free CRM Software – UK Company Overwhelmed By Response

CRM Software crafters Software Add-ons based in rural North Yorkshire, UK, are delighted with the response to their recession busting marketing campaign for OpenCRM.

The company’s strong mission statement, ‘to bring corporate software technology within the reach of small to medium businesses’ seems to be the key to their success.

Marketing manager Helen Burton revealed ‘we knew we had a strong message, offering license free software, but our campaign has had the phones ringing off the hook!’.

Consumer expectation is driving the mid market business need to get online, OpenCRM’s free license solutions needed to be internet based with portal capability so customers can place and track orders, see cases and issues, download documents & information – Anytime, Anywhere access is a major boost for the previously disconnected workforce.

John Mabley of ITS describes his software as the glue between the systems – ‘I employ home teleworkers and need them to be connected to the office – OpenCRM integrated my telephony system, website and SageLine 50 accounts so that I can get a complete picture of my business day-to-day no matter where I am’.

Managing Director Graham Anderson speaking for the company said ‘all businesses whether corporate or mid market have similar core business processes, Sales & Marketing – Sales Order Processing – Invoicing – Document & Project Management,’ he added that ‘too many software implementations fail because too much money goes into the purchase and licensing of software, by supplying license free on demand software we remove this cost and our clients can put their investment where it should be: requirement analysis; staff training; and systems integration’.

OpenCRM’s advice, based on years’ of experience, is very clear: Choose a technically sound solution with an open structure (non proprietary database & interface) that willscale and integrate ; encourage user uptake – keep IT simple, go for evolution rather than revolution, invest in your people and spend on training; Get rid of as much of the IT headache as you can by having your software systems hosted, managed, updated, secured and backed-up by the professionals.

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