Fellow Consulting Delivers CRM Gadget 2 Go, The Offline Client For Oracle CRM On Demand, Now For Android

Fellow Consulting AG, leading CRM solution provider and first Accelerate Partner for CRM On Demand in Germany, today announced that the CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go is now also available for Android.

CRM Gadget 2 Go is an offline client for Oracle CRM On Demand that allows usage of CRM data online, mobile and offline. As a result, users can access all their CRM information while travelling or in customer meetings, and can also maintain CRM data offline and synchronize it with Oracle CRM On Demand when they are back online again. It enables the quick and easy input of data from customer meetings, sales and service operations, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

Now CRM Gadget 2 Go is also available as Android, IPhone and IPad App. It supports a wide range of devices and operating systems, from Windows over Mac and Linux to WeTab, Galaxy Tab and last but not least iPhone and iPad. This enables companies to have their mobile users connected on each device.

Latest features of CRM Gadget 2 Go include for example capturing of customer signatures on touchscreen or signature pad, integration of barcode scanner, and many more.

Increase your sales effectiveness, combine the cost advantages of a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) application with the availability for mobile and offline usage, and maximize your return on investment.

For more information, please visit http://www.crm-gadget.com.

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OTS Solutions, a global software services provider, initiated the process of International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 9001:2008 certification

OTS Solutions (“OTS”), a Microsoft certified IT services provider and one of the leading outsourced software product development companies in India, today announced that they have initiated the certification (ISO 9001:2008) process with Association française de Normalisation (AFNOR). AFNOR is the French national organization for international standardization activities, information provisions, certifications and trainings.

The ISO 9001:2008 standard is a set of quality practices that ensures the use of effective processes that are consistently monitored and continually improved. It specifies Quality Management System (QMS) requirements focused on an organization’s ability to meet and improve upon customer satisfaction and quality requirements. As part of the certification process, OTS established its own QMS (based on Alfresco) to ensure the processes will improve service quality on a regular, quantifiable, and demonstrable basis.

“OTS’s technical team has successfully implemented an effective quality management system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard,” said Hemant Madaan, Managing Director of OTS Solutions. “They demonstrated unwavering focus in creating and implementing a QMS system which provides for continuous improvements in document’s support quality, increased streamlined structure, and a dedicated, systematic approach to overall quality management.”

The certification process began in November 2010. From December 2010 to June 2011, the company executed internal audits across its global development center (based in Gurgaon, India) for various functions such as solution development, document management, end-user support as well as network operations and management. The auditing agency now started conducting certification audits from July 2011; first external audit held on 06th July, 2011.

About OTS Solutions
OTS Solutions is a Microsoft Certified software services provider offering bespoke software development, testing & support services and staff augmentation services across the globe. We are also an Apple and Android Partner for development.

Since our inception, we have steadily grown into a reputed provider of high quality and cost effective software development services. Our ability to evolve continuously and flexible approach towards the dynamic business world has helped us to gain success in short span of time.

OTS has a distinct practice area, “Product Development Practice”, which comprises a large pool of expert and experienced resources with product mindset, team structures and engagement models, which work as an extension of our client’s team. For more information, please visit www.otssolutions.com.

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Exercise Software’s Enhancements Improve Billing/Coding

Prognition Corp., which makes Mavenlive exercise software, has made product improvements for easier billing and coding procedures.

The enhancements make it easy for users to document patients’ treatment, and the physiotherapy software evaluates the data to generate the proper billing codes required by billing software to submit reimbursement claims, said Chris Metcalfe, Mavenlive’s vice president of technical development.

The current process routinely used is: a therapist records the patient’s prescribed therapy to the patient and the number of therapy units performed, Metcalfe said.

“The therapist usually records these rehabilitation exercises on paper and forwards to administrative staff,” Metcalfe said.

The administrator interprets the therapy and quantity recorded before determining which billing codes to use. The administrator typically enters those codes into the billing software- or onto paper forms if the practice hasn’t gone paperless. From there, the clinic forwards claims for reimbursement.

“Mavenlive rehab exercise software interprets the recorded therapy and creates the appropriate billing codes automatically,” said Dr. Jay Winburn, Mavenlive’s president. “Once we have those codes, we send them via HL7 messages to the integrated billing software packages.”

Physical therapy electronic documentation software users benefit in a couple of ways, Metcalfe said. Having this ability eliminates the need for physical therapists to document on paper what was prescribed because their documentation can be done in Mavenlive via point and click. It also eliminates the need for administrative staff to interpret what codes should be billed based on the prescribed therapies, as well as removes the need for manually entering these codes for each claim.

Mavenlive tells the billing software which billing codes to apply to each patient visit, he said, adding, “This will be a big time saver for therapists and administrators for each patient visit.”

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