PilotGroup.NET: New Version of Save Flash Program Is Coming Soon

PilotGroup.NET is developing a completely new Save Flash program. This cross-browser program will allow saving video from any website, converting chosen files to desired formats and storing favorite media files on a cloud hosting.

10 million of Save Flash program copies were installed worldwide! Such stats make us feel that the utility is in demand and of great help. And here’s why it was decided to develop an extended version.

New Save Flash program will be granted with actual features, however will be affordable, stable and easy-to-use, as usual. Its core features will be available absolutely for free. Advanced options will be offered for a minor fee.

Save Flash will become an online application working on a cloud hosting. Hereby favorite files are supposed to be saved on PilotGroup.Net servers. There will be an option to convert audio and video files into a desired format and a selected quality. This will allow playing downloaded files on any device and with an optimal quality.

Saving video feature will work with popular video hosting services such as YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace, VKontakte. During the development work PilotGroup.NET developers are going to test Save Flash & Video at more than 100 services.

The renewed Save Flash & Video program website is expected to be compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.

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Blisstering m2Serve powers First-ever Drupal CrowdSourcing site, Start.ac

Blisstering Solutions, a full-range Drupal Services provider, announces its latest m2Serve-powered project: developing and deploying START.ac’s online CrowdFunding platform.

START.ac is built with Blisstering’s m2Serve Drupal distribution, and offers an integrated web and mobile platform to rapidly deliver high performance, data-driven applications. By utilizing m2Serve, developers can extend core data and business processes quicker, for multiple modes of deployment like web, mobile, tablet and Facebook with a consistent user experience.

http://www.START.ac is the first Drupal-based CrowdFunding community online. With third-party services integration, START.ac leads the CrowdFunding pack with“crowd-centric” programs like; CrowdAudition™, Mentoring, a Pay-It-Forward Fund, CrowdAltruism™, and much more. “I sought out Blisstering for their Drupal expertise and breadth of web, mobile and tablet development projects.” said Rod Turner, START.ac’s CEO and Founder. “I was not only looking for a technology team, but for a long-term partnership that understood the needs of a startup – combining product development and real-time solutions for optimal future growth.”

Rod Turner needed support from a world-class platform-as-a-service organization for Drupal and m2Serve. Acquia was the obvious choice because they help enterprises dramatically reduce operational hurdles and costs by offering them unparalleled freedom to create Drupal-driven websites and mobile apps without boundaries. Thus Acquia Cloud and SaaS tools underpin m2Serve, which in turn drives Start.ac – together providing the basis for a scalable and flexible CrowdFunding platform, thus highlighting the power of Drupal and open source.

“START.ac is an ideal client to utilize our m2Serve technology for rapid development of its CrowdFunding website and future mobile apps. With over 100,000 hours of Drupal development under our belts, we have the technology and the team to bring START.ac to the cloud” said Sunit Gala, CEO of Blisstering Solutions.

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SportsMark selects WinMagic Encryption technology to protect critical data at London 2012 Olympic Games

WinMagic Inc., the global innovator in disk encryption, today announced SportsMark has chosen WinMagic’s SecureDoc data security and encryption software to protect sensitive corporate hospitality program data for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Of the many events SportsMark will be involved in this year, including Super Bowl, The Masters, and the America’s Cup World Series, the London 2012 Olympic Games will be a pinnacle event. SportsMark has been preparing for this momentous event for over four years, working side by side with its clients to create unparalleled guest experiences and optimize their brand building and sales objectives. SportsMark’s clients will host more than 45,000 guests throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games, working with a staff of over 1,000 and managing tens of thousands of Olympic event tickets on behalf of their 15 clients.

“We’ve been working with SportsMark for quite some time and we’re very pleased that they selected SecureDoc as their data encryption solution to protect the personal information of all the guests they’ll be hosting during the London 2012 Olympic Games,” said Mark Hickman, worldwide vice-president of sales at WinMagic Inc. “As an existing customer, SportsMark recognized the ease of use and flexibility of SecureDoc and we were more than happy to help ensure this continued for a project of this importance and profile.”

SportsMark’s information services team determined that they required a rapid OS and encryption deployment ready for a highly mobile and diverse workforce to securing log in onto any of their laptops at any of the locations.

“WinMagic SecureDoc was clearly the answer to our requirements,” said Scott Shuemake, systems engineer at SportsMark. “We needed an encryption solution that we could quickly and easily implement, manage centrally and provide all temporary staff with access to all the devices, so we had the flexibility to move staff around the hospitality venues across London, sometimes at short notice.”

SportsMark Group has contracted 1000 temporary hospitality event staff to work for the duration of Olympic and Paralympic Games in more than 15 pop-up offices around central London. These staff will be supplied with rented laptops that require the hard drive to be fully encrypted.

The technical solution consisted of 300 temporary licenses of WinMagic SecureDoc and SecureDoc Enterprise Server to install the SecureDoc packages and provide recovery. SportsMark also utilized WinMagic consultancy services to ensure the smoothest and quickest deployment in the fastest possible timeframe. At the end of the project, SportsMark will take advantage of SecureDoc’s Crypto erase feature to decommission the devices used for the event.

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“W7 Caller ID” – New Caller ID Application that allows you to log phone calls and display them on computers in your home network, Windows 7 Media Center and XBMC. Now with Bluetooth support of smartphones!

Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a great action film and have somebody interrupt the viewing because the phone needs to be answered. What if it is the telemarketer or an annoying neighbor, with whom one may not want to speak to? Wouldn’t it be nice to just have those call ignored? Or at least have the knowledge of who is calling, and then make the decision to pick up or not, all while continuing to watch that great action film with minimal interruption.

Now you can with W7 Caller ID.

W7 Caller ID is a handy and reliable application designed to enable users to log calls inside the network or Windows 7 Media Center.
W7 Caller ID displays the identity of the caller before the call is answered. It supports multiple modems and is able to block unwanted numbers.
The contacts can be imported from Outlook and Google Contacts. It also features Bluetooth support for smartphones.

Some of the more detailed features include:
• Notification of who is calling before the phone is picked up.
• Logging of incoming calls.
• Multiple modem support.
• Up to 8 remote computers and/or Media Centers capable of receiving caller information
• Each instance of the Media Center can support up to 5 Media Center Extenders (ie. XBOX 360).
• Incoming calls that are not wished to be picked up can be dropped using a ‘Drop’ button from both the PC and Media Center.
• Blocking of unwanted numbers.
• Sending of E-mail notifications about calls to multiple E-Mail addresses.
• Importing of contacts from Google Contacts and Outlook, including the display images for the contacts .
• Bluetooth support of the following smart phone brands: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7.5 and Blackberry. The Bluetooth adapter will work like a land line modem using a hands-free profile.
• XBMC support.
• Apple’s Mac Caller ID notification support (Growl).

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IT Outsourcing in Ukraine Becoming a Thriving Industry

With IT skilled workforce trained to provide software and application development services, among others, it is small wonder that Ukraine’s IT outsourcing (ITO) industry is booming.

Industry experts in 2010 have recorded a 20% growth in Ukraine’s outsourcing industry. The number of skilled laborers working for ITO companies surged to at least 2 400 more than that in 2009. If that is not enough to say Ukraine’s outsourcing industry is something to watch out for, then perhaps the commendations from different industry experts can speak for themselves. Ukraine was among the Global Services (GS) and Tholons’ Top50 Emerging Global Outsourcing Destinations in 2009. In 2011, Ukraine was named ITO Destination of the Year Award in the European Outsourcing Excellence Awards. It was also among the top 20 locations for outsourcing in the Global Services100 List, which is annually compiled by GS in partnership with NeoAdvisory.

Industry experts have seen several reasons why companies are choosing to outsource to Ukraine; some reputed companies have even started to establish their brand in the country. One of the most common reasons for outsourcing is the cost. Companies get to save when outsourcing some of its needed services compared to keeping an in-house department for those services. Services like software development are best outsourced to Ukraine not only because the country has a skilled workforce but also because doing so can be more cost-efficient. There are lots of resources in other locations like Moscow or St. Petersburg, but the costs there are expensive. This is an advantage to Ukraine, which is offering lower service costs than most countries in Western Europe.

Ukraine also has a high literacy rate to boast of and a high population of personnel with technical skills. The personnel usually have a background in physics or mathematics making it easy for them, to hurdle technical problems. The country’s higher education system encourages students taking computer-related courses to learn foreign languages, like English. Software developers particularly those joining the outsourcing industry had to obtain the required language skill. This makes them competent not only in providing the service required but also in communicating with the customers.

One of the ITO companies in Ukraine that specializes in software and application development is Svitla Systems, which has worked with a number of clients from start-ups to corporate companies and even educational institutions. Svitla Systems boasts of a roster of employees with adequate expertise when it comes to IT services. The company employs developers with a degree in Computer Science and many of them have Master’s Degree while some even have PhD’s. They are also good in spoken and written English so language barrier is not a problem.

Companies like Svitla Systems are the ones behind the rise of Ukraine as an outsourcing destination.

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