Motion capture specialists Animazoo supply games development giants Ubisoft

Animazoo, the motion capture specialists, have announced that they will be supplying the IGS-180, a full body wireless motion capture system, to Ubisoft® the major games development company.

Ubisoft are a company that has become famous through producing highly popular games franchises, and these include Ghost Recon® and Assassins Creed®.

Following comprehensive testing, Ubisoft have decided that Animazoo are good partners for their forthcoming projects, which includes Assassins Creed III: Liberation – which has been designed exclusively to be used with the Playstation Vita console.

Ivan Balabanov, MD of Ubisoft Sofia, said that the Animazoo IGS-180 mocap package was a good solution for the company, and that, in terms of the pipeline,Ubisoft had been saved a great amount of time because of its design.

Helpful features, according to Balabanov, include motion tracking that is centredaround a gyroscope. Balabanov added that the animation pipeline is boosted because the gyro-based solution does not result in the bad effects of occlusion, which could be coming from the body parts of an actor, or by other actors, as well as props. This means that the need to manually correct or keyframe occluded body parts is removed.

The recording of a mocap session is enhanced by the use of the gyro and the transmission of data via wi-fi, including the actor and the recording stage. Balabanov added that there was no limit on space, regarding the recording area, apart from the range that wi-fi connections have, which were quite “significant.” Balabanov is confident that these features will make it easy to record, with little preparation needed at the beginning of the process of recording, whether for recordings indoors or outdoors.

Finally, Balabanov commented on how easy the IGS-180 is to both set up and use. He also acknowledged the great support from the Animazoo company in every area of the process, which has resulted in a the IGS-180 being integrated quickly and efficiently into the company’s animation pipeline.

Mark Lewis, who is the Animazoo Head of Sales EMEA, said that he was “thrilled” that Ubisoft had joined the list of existing animators and games development studios that were already using technology provided by Animazoo. Lewis said that Animazoo will be “working closely” with Ubisoft to help them become successful through the use ofAnimazoo’s inertial motion capture systems, though while not losing the cutting edge that has brought success to Ubisoft in the first place.

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