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The ObjectsOnClouds Open Source Project Initiative (ObjectsOnClouds Project) is a worldwide collaborative effort to develop a set of technologies interworking together as a cloud computing platform. The ObjectsOnClouds Cloud Applications Computing Platform (ObjectsOnClouds Platform) consists of a Java-based server component (The Ionosphere Server), IDEs for building cloud applications (Aurora), platform-native desktop cloud application clients (Gravity), as well as AJAX/web-based cloud applications.

Highlights of some of the select features the ObjectsOnClouds Platform are – real-time multi-user collaborative multi-language content editing, version control with instant push notifications upon content changes, fine-grained permission control for secure access to contents, and much more.

The ObjectsOnClouds Platform is also a complete cloud applications development environment. It features many innovative ideas including a free-form “natural” database which abstracts the complexity of traditional relationship databases. This allows even non-technical people to easily create the next generation of cloud applications very quickly and easily.

The Ionosphere Server – Java-based server component
The Ionoshephere Server is a Java EE/GlassFish-based server component that is central to the ObjectsOnClouds Platform. The RESTful-based Web Services API is built-in for fully connected cloud computing with both the platform-native desktop clients and AJAX/web clients. A Web Server API is also included to serve validated HTML pages for deploying dynamic websites that are fully optimized for search engines.

Aurora for Mac and Windows – IDEs for building cloud applications Aurora is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building cloud applications. As a native application for Mac and Windows, Aurora is designed to take advantage of the platform’s speed and efficiency.

Gravity for Mac, Windows and iPhone – the platform-native clients for cloud applications
Gravity is a technology which allows developers to create platform-native applications – for Mac, Windows and iPhone – all without programming! Cloud developers use Aurora to specify the application elements – menus, windows, content display areas, etc. – and Gravity connects to the cloud to load, assemble and launch the live cloud application as a native platform application. This gives users more choices for cloud computing and even has the potential to make AJAX/web technologies irrelevant.

AJAX/web-based cloud applications IDEs and clients
Advanced AJAX/web programming tools and libraries, web browser-based cloud applications can take advantage of the innovative features that the ObjectsOnClouds Platform has to offer.

Anyone – worldwide – can Join and Participate in this Exciting Project!
The ObjectsOnClouds Project is looking for both professionals and students who have the skills and dedication to open source software development to become involved in creating the next cloud applications platform. Developer membership is free and volunteers can gain worldwide recognition in the forefront of the cloud computing revolution. If you possess skills in project management or have development expertise in Java EE, AJAX, GWT, Mac (including iPhone; using Objective-C and the Cocoa framework) or Windows (using C# and .NET framework), we invite you to become part of this exciting project!

About the ObjectsOnClouds Project
The ObjectsOnClouds Project is an open source initiative to create a set of technologies interworking together as a cloud computing platform. The computing industry is in an exciting revolution moving f r o m desktop-based computing where data are stored on the local computer’s hard drive, to cloud computing where all data and contents are stored on cloud servers. The ObjectsOnClouds Project aims to accelerate this revolution by delivering a complete cloud applications development and computing platform. For more information, please visit the website.

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Simwalk Transport Is The World’s First Passenger Flow And Station Optimization Simulation Software Package Combining Pedestrian Simulation And Transit Station Dynamics

In a world first, Savannah Simulations AG has released SIMWALK Transport, the most powerful software solution, based on the leading pedestrian simulation software package SIMWALK, for simulating and analyzing all passenger movement issues in train, metro and bus stations.

SimWalk Transport is the first commercially available software package to optimize passenger comfort and efficiency, station design and related objects (platforms, passages, stairs, escalators, elevators etc.), as well as efficiency of timetables, passenger transfer times and connections. In addition, it provides analysis of evacuation and emergency issues. Based on its leading pedestrian algorithm, SimWalk Transport is the comprehensive simulation solution for passenger flow analysis and station development.

SIMWALK TRANSPORT has been developed in close cooperation with its Scientific Advisory Board, world leading experts in pedestrian and traffic simulation. The product has already encouraged requests from public transport officials and consultancies around the world.

One unique selling point is that SimWalk Transport is the only software fully specialised on public transport transit facilities and passenger flow analysis. It includes the most comprehensive set of features – as for example integration of timetables and network simulation analysis – that sets it apart from non-specialised software.

Alex Schmid, managing director at Savannah Simulations AG, “In developing SimWalk Transport we have reacted to an extensive market pull as rail, metro and bus operators of all sizes are troubled by increasing passenger demand over the next years that cause massive problems for transport operations and facility management.

“Simulating and analyzing passenger flows is a missing gap in transport analysis so far,”continues Schmid, “and with SimWalk Transport we’re offering a comprehensive tool to improve station operations and passenger security and efficiency.” Station operators and planners constantly have to adapt transit facilities to the increasing capacity needs of public transport. Most if not all changes directly influence or are influenced by passenger issues like changing trains, transfer times, walking comfort or dwell times.

SimWalk Transport allows to analyse the impact of different planned station layouts (additional platforms, passages, stairs, other objects etc.) on passenger flows, be it a new planned station or a station refurbishmment. Highly important objects like platforms as well as under- and overpasses can be analyzed according to Levels of Service and other comfort and security measures.

Designed by transportation engineers for transportation engineers, SimWalk Transport fills this operational gap by allowing to simulate realistically every single passenger with its station specific behavior – boarding and alighting, dwell time, connection transfer, shopping etc.

For the first time, an integrated, comprehensive simulation solution helps transport planners and railway authorities to include passenger movement issues into their operational planning of stations, for example by evaluating dwell times or by optimizing timetables.

About Savannah Simulations AG
Savannah Simulations AG, a swiss based simulation company, is a leading provider of advanced geosimulation software and spatial modeling and simulation services. Geosimulation is concerned with the design and application of spatial models and simulation software to solve real world problems in geographic contexts.

From simulation of pedestrian flows to urban planning, from evacuation simulation to supply chain optimization, we apply the science of simulation and optimization to discover opportunities and solutions in complex spatial environments.

Savannah Simulations AG has a network of consultants and international resellers who offer the company’s products along with services such as ongoing customer support, training, integration consulting and product customization.

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New Innovation Framework for the Manufacturing Industry

InnovMFXTM is a suite of solutions, including research in mechanical engineering space, R&D partnership towards product design, engineering analysis, prototyping and DFM, and software solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Policy makers, academic researchers and industry experts cite, innovation as the most important way of solving manufacturing industry problems. Univedant’s engineers and research staff have decades of experience in investigating and solving challenges faced by the manufacturing industry using innovative engineering and technology solutions. Univedant has been aggressively working on developing a new innovation framework for the manufacturing industry.

Leveraging this knowledge base and extensive research of existing paradigms in the manufacturing industry, Univedant has development a concept of Innovation Grid. Univedant’s new framework, InnovMFXTM is based on this proprietary concept of Innovation Grid. This framework is a suite of solutions that helps manufacturing companies become more competitive through Univedant partnership.

According to Girish Vedpathak, CEO & President of Univedant, “This new paradigm of innovation takes current thoughts such as Network Innovation to the next level. Univedant has been successfully helping clients using InnovMFXTM become more competitive in the current global landscape. Univedant’s framework takes comprehensive look from concept to manufacturing and uses this framework to offers unique solutions”.

InnovMFXTM is a suite of solutions, including research in mechanical engineering space, R&D partnership towards product design, engineering analysis, prototyping and DFM, and software solutions for the manufacturing industry.

About Univedant
Univedant is a member of multiple technology and manufacturing forums and active participant in industry events across the globe. Univedant is also a member of Illinois Technology Association and MIT Enterprise Forum.

Univedant offers comprehensive suite of solutions and services in Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology space specially geared towards manufacturing industry.

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