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Web & Mobile Accelerator program seeks startups that can make use of AI, blockchain technology and sensors


Amsterdam, NL, 05-Dec-2016 — /EPR Software News/ — Rockstart, the world’s greatest startup machine, announces applications are open for the 6th Web & Mobile Accelerator program. The program begins on March 1, 2017 and lasts for 150 days. Rockstart supports entrepreneurs with a strong purpose by connecting them with the brightest minds in the industry, including experienced mentors, successful founders, and investors.

Program Director Rutger van Waveren remarks, “When considering founders for the Accelerator, we look for a great team with a well built product that focuses on a problem worth solving. In particular, this year we’re looking for startups who are working to solve big problems under the banner of technology that lets us live meaningful lives: sharing economy, new financial services, productivity tools, making education better, and tools that make software development more efficient and accessible. We’re also interested in ideas to enable the company of the future such as tools that make companies more effective and efficient, creating better logistics systems, 3D printing and computer security. Teams should be able to make use of the latest technologies such as AI, blockchain technology and sensors.”

Rockstart Web & Mobile startups like 3D Hubs, Peerby, Wercker, Deskbookers and many more have created successful businesses across a variety of B2C and B2B categories. 2016 graduates include Otly!, a bank for kids and their parents and winner of the UberPitch award, which led to funding by Uber. TIQ, a time-tracking solution for the enterprise, won the Exact Software Emerging App of the Year award and was mentioned by the Financieele Dagblad and Lawyer magazine as one of the best startups in the area of legal tech. Surance helps people get more out of their savings by making professional asset management easy and accessible for everybody. Two leading financial institutions have chosen Surance as their exclusive provider for robo-advice technology. To learn more about all the alumni of the Web & Mobile program, please check our website.

Rockstart’s 2017 Web & Mobile Accelerator will be accepting applications until January 15, 2017 and the program begins March 1, 2017 in the center of Amsterdam. For more information, please take a look at our stats.

Apply now!

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Growth Drives AgreeYa to Move Its Global Headquarters

AgreeYa Solutions today moved its Global Headquarters to their new office building in Folsom, CA. In response to the strong growth that AgreeYa has witnessed in past few years, the Folsom, CA based technology solutions, and staffing services company has outgrown its current premises.

The new location is based on the 605 Coolidge Drive, Folsom, CA. AgreeYa will continue to provide technology solutions and staffing services for existing and new customers. The new building houses advanced technology, multiple forms of audio and video communications, provides infrastructure and services that promotes teamwork and synergy across all and offers excellent transportation links. The new office with over 23,000 sq feet is more than double in size from previous office based on the Woodmere Road, Folsom, CA.

Commenting on the move, Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner of AgreeYa said, “This is an exciting time for AgreeYa. Our existing HQ facility had little room for expansion. We are delighted to have acquired the new facility as this move will support our plans for scaling up our operations and for upcoming growth into 2013 and beyond.”

Ajay added “Our business has shown strong growth in the past few years underpinned by our passion to achieve success together with our customers. With recent success of our Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Social Collaboration solution – SocialXtend, our move to larger premise reflects a confidence in our ability to continue to grow and provide high quality software, solutions, and staffing services to our customers.”

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Motion capture specialists Animazoo supply games development giants Ubisoft

Animazoo, the motion capture specialists, have announced that they will be supplying the IGS-180, a full body wireless motion capture system, to Ubisoft® the major games development company.

Ubisoft are a company that has become famous through producing highly popular games franchises, and these include Ghost Recon® and Assassins Creed®.

Following comprehensive testing, Ubisoft have decided that Animazoo are good partners for their forthcoming projects, which includes Assassins Creed III: Liberation – which has been designed exclusively to be used with the Playstation Vita console.

Ivan Balabanov, MD of Ubisoft Sofia, said that the Animazoo IGS-180 mocap package was a good solution for the company, and that, in terms of the pipeline,Ubisoft had been saved a great amount of time because of its design.

Helpful features, according to Balabanov, include motion tracking that is centredaround a gyroscope. Balabanov added that the animation pipeline is boosted because the gyro-based solution does not result in the bad effects of occlusion, which could be coming from the body parts of an actor, or by other actors, as well as props. This means that the need to manually correct or keyframe occluded body parts is removed.

The recording of a mocap session is enhanced by the use of the gyro and the transmission of data via wi-fi, including the actor and the recording stage. Balabanov added that there was no limit on space, regarding the recording area, apart from the range that wi-fi connections have, which were quite “significant.” Balabanov is confident that these features will make it easy to record, with little preparation needed at the beginning of the process of recording, whether for recordings indoors or outdoors.

Finally, Balabanov commented on how easy the IGS-180 is to both set up and use. He also acknowledged the great support from the Animazoo company in every area of the process, which has resulted in a the IGS-180 being integrated quickly and efficiently into the company’s animation pipeline.

Mark Lewis, who is the Animazoo Head of Sales EMEA, said that he was “thrilled” that Ubisoft had joined the list of existing animators and games development studios that were already using technology provided by Animazoo. Lewis said that Animazoo will be “working closely” with Ubisoft to help them become successful through the use ofAnimazoo’s inertial motion capture systems, though while not losing the cutting edge that has brought success to Ubisoft in the first place.

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New Version Makes Working with Complex 3D Urban Environments Easier Than Ever Before

Procedural Inc. introduced the CityEngine 2009, the latest version of its out-of-the-box city creation solution featuring unique procedural modeling techniques and novel interactive editing capabilities. The software was awarded Killer Technology 2009 by the 3D World magazine and is used by high-profile companies such as Foster+Partners, Rockstar North, Volition, NAVTEQ, Microsoft, IBM, etc. and top universities like MIT, Stanford, Brown or Max Plank.

Procedural Inc., an innovative software company located in Zurich, Switzerland, is creator of the world’s foremost procedural modeling technology. With the CityEngine, Procedural Inc.’s graphics experts have developed a radically different 3D application that allows professional users in entertainment, architecture and urban planning to efficiently create 3D city models.

“We are very happy to release the CityEngine 2009.” says Pascal Mueller, CEO Procedural Inc. “And with the new interactive editing capabilities, the modeling of complex urban environments is easier than ever before. For example, editing the footprint of a building automatically adjusts the corresponding 3D model – allowing for intuitive manipulation of highly detailed building geometries.”

Key Highlights of the CityEngine 2009

#1: Interactive Editing Capabilities (manipulation tools with immediate generation mode)
#2: Floating License (enables flexible network licensing installations)
#3: Support for Geospatial Data (aggregation of GIS data to model 3D cities)
#4: Reporting Functionality (visualization of master plans with corresponding Excel tables)
#5: Improved 3D Export Functionalities (3ds Max, FBX, Collada, Massive Software etc.)
#6: New Additional City Examples (available for instant out-of-the-box modeling)

A complete list of the new features can be found here (including videos showing the highlights):

Pricing and Availability
A free 30-day trial version of the new CityEngine 2009 is available for download at The software can be purchased via Procedural Inc.’s website, or by telephone order at +41 76 720 3303. The CityEngine retails from a starting price of $ 3’450.

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Simwalk Transport Is The World’s First Passenger Flow And Station Optimization Simulation Software Package Combining Pedestrian Simulation And Transit Station Dynamics

In a world first, Savannah Simulations AG has released SIMWALK Transport, the most powerful software solution, based on the leading pedestrian simulation software package SIMWALK, for simulating and analyzing all passenger movement issues in train, metro and bus stations.

SimWalk Transport is the first commercially available software package to optimize passenger comfort and efficiency, station design and related objects (platforms, passages, stairs, escalators, elevators etc.), as well as efficiency of timetables, passenger transfer times and connections. In addition, it provides analysis of evacuation and emergency issues. Based on its leading pedestrian algorithm, SimWalk Transport is the comprehensive simulation solution for passenger flow analysis and station development.

SIMWALK TRANSPORT has been developed in close cooperation with its Scientific Advisory Board, world leading experts in pedestrian and traffic simulation. The product has already encouraged requests from public transport officials and consultancies around the world.

One unique selling point is that SimWalk Transport is the only software fully specialised on public transport transit facilities and passenger flow analysis. It includes the most comprehensive set of features – as for example integration of timetables and network simulation analysis – that sets it apart from non-specialised software.

Alex Schmid, managing director at Savannah Simulations AG, “In developing SimWalk Transport we have reacted to an extensive market pull as rail, metro and bus operators of all sizes are troubled by increasing passenger demand over the next years that cause massive problems for transport operations and facility management.

“Simulating and analyzing passenger flows is a missing gap in transport analysis so far,”continues Schmid, “and with SimWalk Transport we’re offering a comprehensive tool to improve station operations and passenger security and efficiency.” Station operators and planners constantly have to adapt transit facilities to the increasing capacity needs of public transport. Most if not all changes directly influence or are influenced by passenger issues like changing trains, transfer times, walking comfort or dwell times.

SimWalk Transport allows to analyse the impact of different planned station layouts (additional platforms, passages, stairs, other objects etc.) on passenger flows, be it a new planned station or a station refurbishmment. Highly important objects like platforms as well as under- and overpasses can be analyzed according to Levels of Service and other comfort and security measures.

Designed by transportation engineers for transportation engineers, SimWalk Transport fills this operational gap by allowing to simulate realistically every single passenger with its station specific behavior – boarding and alighting, dwell time, connection transfer, shopping etc.

For the first time, an integrated, comprehensive simulation solution helps transport planners and railway authorities to include passenger movement issues into their operational planning of stations, for example by evaluating dwell times or by optimizing timetables.

About Savannah Simulations AG
Savannah Simulations AG, a swiss based simulation company, is a leading provider of advanced geosimulation software and spatial modeling and simulation services. Geosimulation is concerned with the design and application of spatial models and simulation software to solve real world problems in geographic contexts.

From simulation of pedestrian flows to urban planning, from evacuation simulation to supply chain optimization, we apply the science of simulation and optimization to discover opportunities and solutions in complex spatial environments.

Savannah Simulations AG has a network of consultants and international resellers who offer the company’s products along with services such as ongoing customer support, training, integration consulting and product customization.

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Quadstone Paramics Have Developed And Released The World’s First Pedestrian And Traffic Interaction Simulation Software

In a world first, the experts behind the hugely popular Quadstone Paramics range have announced a new, unique software application. The Urban Analytics Framework (UAF) is the first commercially available micro simulation tool that fully integrates pedestrians and vehicles in the same model. The UAF is a groundbreaking product that combines pedestrian-based spatial analysis and Quadstone Paramics’ award-winning traffic micro simulation.

The UAF has been built on the foundations of a successful partnership with Crowd Dynamics, a global authority on pedestrian behaviour modeling. It was officially launched earlier this month and licenses have already been sold – demonstrating how the industry has been eagerly awaiting such a high-tech product.

One major selling point is that the UAF does not require pedestrian Origin-Destination data, which is costly and almost impossible to obtain. Another considerable advantage over the few fledgling offerings in this sector is that the UAF offers full seamless integration with Quadstone Paramics traffic modeling software.

Richard Millington, managing director at Quadstone Paramics, “In developing the UAF we have reacted to an extensive market pull as government agencies of all sizes look to promote pedestrians as a more attractive means of transportation.”

“The car is no longer king,” continues Millington, “and encouraging more people to leave their cars at home leads to less traffic in urban areas. Pedestrian safety must be top of the list for all authorities, town planners and architects. The UAF allows users to develop spaces where pedestrian-vehicle interaction is conducted in the safest, most efficient way possible.”

The rationale behind the use of this new software is ‘Dumb people, smart space’ – meaning the space has the intelligence and prompts people on how to behave safely, rather than requiring them to make decisions independently. The UAF is powerful yet intuitive to use, and offers a wide range of analysis measurements along with a sophisticated 3D graphical presentation capability. It is a completely integrated platform that provides user-friendly, seamless interaction between traffic and pedestrian components at all levels. It represents the most comprehensive analytics range available and is scalable at all levels – from single intersections through to wide area city modeling.

Designed by engineers for engineers, the UAF is the ideal tool for evaluating both existing areas and new proposed developments, such as retail space, sports stadiums and public transport terminals, and is especially useful for performing evacuation studies. Several high-profile authorities around the world are showing an interest in the software, with new projects already commencing. More information can be found on their Pedestrian Simulation website.

  • Groundbreaking micro simulation that fully integrates pedestrians and vehicles in the same model
  • Cost-cutting and time-saving technology that eliminates the need for pedestrian Origin-Destination data
  • Seamless integration with Quadstone Paramics traffic modeling software
  • Licenses already sold as industry demand soars

About Quadstone Paramics

Quadstone Paramics has driven the innovation agenda for traffic microsimulation modelling software since the early 1990’s. With over 1000 user companies in 45 countries, their software tools have been deployed on some of the World’s highest profile projects, by a broad mix of Federal, State and Local Government Agencies along with consulting engineering firms of all sizes.

Operating autonomously as part of a London Stock Market listed company, Quadstone Paramics continues to address the changing demands of the Global Market through offices in the UK and the United States, along with resellers in Australia, Europe and Asia.

The culmination of over 6 man years of development, the launch of the Urban Analytics Framework Software from Quadstone Paramics brings vastly improved levels of software capability to transportation and pedestrian modelers the world over.

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