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Rocket Division Software had announced availability of version 10 of its burning, grabbing and mastering STARBURN SDK.

Accordingly to the company’s CEO Anton A. Kolomyeytsev the new release is “a must” upgrade for all the present customers of the award-winning toolkit. “We did quite a work with this release!” – Mr. Kolomyeytsev says – “Brand new Unicode-based UDF mastering engine added. All the core SDK samples are completely re-worked, updated and new VC2003, VC2005 and VC2008 project files have been created. Now wizard-based samples are in sync with our commercial StarBurn application wizards. Finally StarBurn comes with completely new StarBurnX OCX wrapper for easy use of it’s features. C#, VB.NET & VB6 and C++ samples are included. Audio compression engine had also been re-worked. Now we do encoding not only to WMA but also to MP3 and OGG Vorbis audio formats (decoding was available before). Our customers will appreciate the amount of work we did”.

StarBurn SDK available from company’s web site and from number of resellers. Trial version of the product provides all those interested with the ability to fully test the SDK prior to make purchase decision.

About StarBurn SDK. This software development kit allows you to add optical media recording and mastering capabilities to your application in minutes. When purchased, SDK comes as a static or dynamic library, set of headers, documentation and samples. The detailed information about the product and its features can be checked out at the:

About Rocket Division Software: Rocket Division Software is rapidly growing company providing cutting-edge system-software solutions for Windows XP/2003/Vista and various UNIXes. We’re positioning as a provider of the top-notch, high-performance technologies for the data storage and networking industry. Our “know how” and development services cover a wide range of existing and emerging storage and networking technologies, such as: CD/DVD recording and mastering, iSCSI virtual storage, local and network file system design. Rocket Division Software can be found at:

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