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CAM Commerce Solutions Releases New Version of RetailStar

CAM Commerce Solutions, announced that it has released the newest version of their RetailStar Software product. Customers using this new version have stated, “We love the new purchasing and receiving module, enjoy that the software is more user-friendly, and the system operates fast and more efficient.” Bob from Kreston’s said, “We upgraded in October right before the holidays. Everyone in Support, Programming and our sales representative, Dina; gave us exceptional service making the transition from CAM to STAR as smooth as possible.”

“At CAM Commerce Solutions, we are dedicated to continually improving the resources for which retailers can purchase and use trusted POS solutions that will help them do business better,” said Sherrie Holliday of CAM Commerce Solutions. “By placing our focus on our customers’ needs, it builds a trusted partnership.”

In addition, the iStar and iCelerant eCommerce platforms have been refreshed to meet the growing needs of retailers who want to expand their customer base and increase revenue. “We strive to provide the best of both worlds. A fully integrated, socially connected, promotions driven Enterprise level eCommerce site, which reduces the labor and system maintenance cost and allows you to compete in your market with the most up to date e-commerce features.” -Zeke Hamdani, Celerant Technology

Since the purchase of CAM Commerce Solutions by Celerant Technology Corp., our software programs have been revitalized. Celerant Technology’s acquisition of CAM brings to the table 10 years of reputable experience. Regardless of the size of your business, we have a solution for you!
To learn more about CAM Commerce Solutions Software program, log-on to www.camcommerce.com.

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Celerant Technology Acquires Well-Known Retail Software Provider

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, recently acquired CAM Commerce Solutions, a subsidiary of Robertson Piper Software Group (RPSG) and a well-known west coast based retail software provider.

“CAM brings to Celerant a strong and respected history of servicing the retail community. The many retail software professionals at CAM will be a welcomed addition to the Celerant team. Together, as a new and stronger team, we will be able to better support CAM’s larger volume customers while advancing the technology of the current CAM product suite. Our acquisition of CAM enables Celerant to expand our presence and to experience a significant level of growth as a company,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO.

“The sale of the CAM Commerce Solutions completes our transformation into a 100 percent pharmacy management software business,” said Douglas M, Robertson, CEO and President of Robertson Piper Software Group and CEO of CAM Commerce Solutions. “We think the combination of the two companies creates a dominant force in the POS industry and is a positive development for CAM customers, employees and our partners.”

CAM Commerce provides services for small to mid-size retailers across a variety of vertical markets. Their client base consists of over 3,000 retailers and they have been in business for over 25 years. CAM offers an array of products and services, including Retail STAR, a solution for point of sale, electronic payment processing, inventory control, E-Commerce and shopping cart integration, gift card, customer loyalty, and extensive management reporting.

“Merging into Celerant Technology allows us to continue to enhance the CAM product line, particularly our Retail STAR product, while leveraging Celerant’s capabilities with larger multi-store retailers. Both companies share a commitment to provide exceptional levels of service and customer satisfaction,” said Kevin Kogler, President of CAM Commerce. “We feel that this milestone marks the beginning of a successful relationship with Celerant and we look forward to the road ahead.”

Celerant Technology provides a completely integrated, multi-channel retail software solution that is highly customizable and is built with an advanced system architecture that communicates in real-time. The combined experience and ingenuity of Celerant and CAM will enable both organizations to offer sophisticated products that meet the needs of retail clients to help them to expand their own businesses and to address the significant demands of their daily operations.

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Celerant Technology Again Ranked as Mid-Size Retail Software Vendor Leader

Celerant Technology Corp. again ranks as the top Mid-Size Vendor Leader in the RIS News 2011 Retail Software LeaderBoard Study. The study presents an annual ranking of the top retail software vendors worldwide based on a variety of categories to test performance, innovation, reliability, customer satisfaction and value. Celerant has also placed in the top five overall retail software companies for the fifth year in a row.

“The recognition that we receive from the RIS Leaderboard is invaluable, as it is an honor to again be included in this notable list,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “We strive to make ongoing additions and improvements to the software, embracing retail software trends and considering new ideas that will allow us to provide a highly developed product to our clients, along with a significant focus on customer satisfaction. We feel that it is this ingenuity and dedication that enables Celerant to again be listed as a top vendor, for five consecutive years.”

Celerant provides an advanced, all-in-one software solution that is completely integrated throughout its multi-channel platform. Celerant’s top rankings as a Mid-Size Vendor Leader and a Leader in Overall Performance, and identified as a high ranking leader for Customer Satisfaction, Apparel/Footwear and Specialty Retailing, Recommendation, and a leader for Broad Suites.

“One of the interesting things that happens when key business factors are converted into numerical values is the playing field gets leveled between tech supernovas, like Oracle, IBM and SAP, and smaller but equally bright stars, like Celerant Technology, a mid-size retail software leader” stated Joe Skorupa, Editor-In-Chief of RIS News. “Celerant has maintained a strong presence on the Leaderboard, consistently ranking among these top vendors, and is again highlighted for 2011, for its retail software performance, customer satisfaction and broad suite of applications.”

RIS received feedback from 241 retail voters who reviewed 99 individual software vendors and submitted 567 vendor evaluations for this study, to comprise the Top 20. The RIS LeaderBoard Study measures a combination of the technical superiority and customer satisfaction of retail software vendors. The votes are taken from qualified retailers during a three-week period in September and the results are shared in December of the same year, after it is tallied by a third-party research firm.

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New POS Screen Updated with Advanced Technology for an Enhanced Look and Feel

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, recently redesigned its existing point of sale (POS) screen to include an enhanced look and feel, while adding a new layout for ease of use and navigation.

“In addition to researching and creating new modules, Celerant’s team of developers strives to enhance our existing offering” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant Technology President and CEO. “The newly redesigned POS screen had been designed, programmed and re-coded with advanced features for increased flexibility. This redevelopment has been based on client feedback as well as industry trends that we feel will positively impact our clients’ use of Celerant.”

Celerant Technology, www.celerant.com, provides a complete multichannel solution for retail organizations; from point of sale, inventory management, warehousing, E-Commerce, mail order and more. Celerant’s point of sale screen allows retailers to maintain a high degree of operational awareness at store level through price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, employee management, and tight inventory-control. Celerant’s point of sale transactions are completed in real-time and are available at once throughout the enterprise. System flexibility enables the system to be used in multiple business models and allows for customized screens to meet individual requirements.

“The development of the new POS screen has enabled us to revamp the current layout, which has been redesigned so that menu items and customer data are more accessible to the user” stated Robert Goldman, CTO and Vice President of Celerant Technology.“Additional options were added to generate green receipts, view images per line item and provide a simpler method of entering discounts. Items are also more object-oriented and users may employ XML templates for laying out receipts by customer and by machine.”

Celerant Command Retail is a complete multi-channel software with a continuous development cycle that allows improvements to be made on a regular basis. For more information about Celerant’s offerings, please visit www.celerant.com.

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Celerant Technology Launches M-Commerce Application for Mobile Environments

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, recently launched its M-Commerce offering, providing all Celerant E-Commerce sites with the option to be reformatted for smaller screens, further extending the reach of their web presence and increasing customer satisfaction. Celerant M-Commerce was developed as a way to create a mobile version of a website, allowing it to be more easily viewed and accessed on a mobile device.

“Celerant M-Commerce is an expansion of our multichannel offering, demonstrating our drive to stay ahead of retail technology trends,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant Technology President and CEO. “Although most new phones can display full-size websites, our M-Commerce offering reformats our clients’ E-Commerce sites to fit in a display area that conforms to a smaller screen size. With this technology, the overall consumer experience is improved; enabling users to more easily view product information and make purchases directly from their mobile devices.”

Celerant Technology, www.celerant.com, provides a complete multichannel solution for retail organizations; from point of sale, inventory management, warehousing, E-Commerce, mail order and more. Celerant’s M-Commerce improves the viewing experience of a site, as overall site navigation will be updated and certain functionality that is deemed unnecessary in a mobile environment will be removed. Future versions of Celerant will also be optimized, making it possible to perform back office functions directly from a mobile device to run advanced reports and analyze store data from the palm of their hand.

“After the successful implementation of our Celerant POS and the launch of our integrated E-Commerce site, we wanted a way to further extend our store’s presence and cater to the needs of busy parents and parents to be” stated Art Howard, Owner of Destination Baby. “The development of our M-Commerce site was a great way for us to provide our shoppers with the ability to make purchases, check their accounts, and organize their gift registries from the convenience of their mobile phones and other devices.”

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Celerant Technology Included in 2009 CPA Advisor Reader’s Choice Awards

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, was selected as a preferred recipient of the 2010 Reader’s Choice Award for Retail Accounting/Point of Sale.

“The inclusion of Celerant in the CPA Advisor’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards is an achievement that is representative of our endeavor to be in tune with our clients’ needs” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “Throughout the development of the Command Retail software, we strive to keep in mind that a company relies on all of its many facets working well together. The software is designed to address the needs of each user, including the important role of the accountant or bookkeeper. We understand that it is the combination of these facets that leads to the success of the company as a whole.”

The CPA Advisor’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Award highlights software that provides a solution for the accounting industry that helps to automate accounting and bookkeeping procedures. The Accounting/Point of Sale award is geared toward programs that serve the small to mid-sized retail market.

“Our annual Readers’ Choice Awards continue to show a trend toward the adoption of workflow optimization systems and other technology tools that help firms and small businesses run leaner and more profitably” said Senior Technology Editor, Isaac O’Bannon. “The awards are not a scientific study, but the voting results do offer an informal view into the professional lives of tax and accounting professionals, their technology and vendor preferences, and other insights.”

Celerant Command Retail provides retailers with a complete software solution that fully integrates the point of sale on the front end with back office functionality, inventory control, warehouse, distribution, allocation, advanced reporting and E-Commerce. Command goes beyond these functions by integrating with professional third-party accounting software, including QuickBooks, MAS 90, and Great Plains, in addition to its own integrated accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger functions. For more information, go to http://www.celerant.com/retail-software/financial-applications.

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Celerant Technology Launches Redesigned Celerant.com

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, launched the redesign of www.celerant.com to the web. The site has been updated with an entirely new design which offers new functionality and system screenshots, creating a more aesthetic and user friendly appeal while remaining informative.

“As with our retail software and E-Commerce sites that we develop for our clients, we continuously strive to keep our own website up-to-date and maintain our commitment to employ newly available technology” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “Celerant.com is a valuable source of information for prospects who are exploring our website for the first time and also for existing clients who wish to increase their current knowledge of our company and retail system. Our internal web team has developed and utilized progressive functionality to enhance the navigation of the site and add to the overall experience of our visitors.”

The new Celerant.com provides visitors with valuable information from the previous version of the site, such as access to the demo video library, product overview and company news. In addition to the new design and layout, the site also features quick views, Flash technology, newsfeeds, a search box, added content and images, the ability to download product brochures, and more.

“We’ve given Celerant.com a makeover to provide a fresh, new look while maintaining the advanced search engine optimization practices from our previous site, along with new techniques that we’ve acquired,” stated Michele Salerno, Celerant Marketing/Communications Manager. “We are excited about the launch of our new site and look forward to providing the industry with a more efficient tool to learn about our company and multichannel software solutions.”

Celerant.com, along with CommandRetail.com, provides an overview of the retail software company and of their multichannel system, Celerant Command Retail. The redesign of the site is a symbol of the company’s growth and advancement toward new forms of technology, a growth that maintains Celerant’s position as a leader in the retail software industry.

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