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Exercise Software’s Enhancements Improve Billing/Coding

Prognition Corp., which makes Mavenlive exercise software, has made product improvements for easier billing and coding procedures.

The enhancements make it easy for users to document patients’ treatment, and the physiotherapy software evaluates the data to generate the proper billing codes required by billing software to submit reimbursement claims, said Chris Metcalfe, Mavenlive’s vice president of technical development.

The current process routinely used is: a therapist records the patient’s prescribed therapy to the patient and the number of therapy units performed, Metcalfe said.

“The therapist usually records these rehabilitation exercises on paper and forwards to administrative staff,” Metcalfe said.

The administrator interprets the therapy and quantity recorded before determining which billing codes to use. The administrator typically enters those codes into the billing software- or onto paper forms if the practice hasn’t gone paperless. From there, the clinic forwards claims for reimbursement.

“Mavenlive rehab exercise software interprets the recorded therapy and creates the appropriate billing codes automatically,” said Dr. Jay Winburn, Mavenlive’s president. “Once we have those codes, we send them via HL7 messages to the integrated billing software packages.”

Physical therapy electronic documentation software users benefit in a couple of ways, Metcalfe said. Having this ability eliminates the need for physical therapists to document on paper what was prescribed because their documentation can be done in Mavenlive via point and click. It also eliminates the need for administrative staff to interpret what codes should be billed based on the prescribed therapies, as well as removes the need for manually entering these codes for each claim.

Mavenlive tells the billing software which billing codes to apply to each patient visit, he said, adding, “This will be a big time saver for therapists and administrators for each patient visit.”

Via EPR Network
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